Down On The Farm

Brad took off early on Saturday morning for the Iowa game.  They played Northwestern and managed to lose to them again.  I don’t know what it is about Northwestern, but the Hawks just can’t figure out how to beat them.  While Brad was at the game, Jaxson and I had a nice day with just the two of us.  This is something that I miss terribly since starting daycare.  We enjoyed a beautiful day at the zoo.  Of course we had to ride the choo choo and feed the goats, which he absolutely loved.  We had a great time.  Today was a busy day on the road.  We got up and headed down to the Case Haub household to pick up Brandy, Jack, Ben, and Hawkeye to make a trip up to Hubbard.  Brad was such a trooper driving the two toddlers in the van to Hubbard while I drove Brandy, Ben, and Hawkeye (the dog) in their car.  We went to Hubbard because Mike and Brandy have been contemplating about finding Hawkeye a new home.  Hawkeye is a Blue Heeler and has a lot of energy that is hard to burn off in a city.  They found him a new home a while back, but just couldn’t go through with it.  So Brandy made the comment to me the other day that they might reconsider if they could find the perfect home for him.  I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, but my brother could give Hawkeye a great home.  He has a large farm that he can run around on all day and Brandon is very familiar with Heelers since that is what we had all growing up.  So we went up today so that Brandy could meet Brandon, check out the farm, and see how Haweye and Butch (Brandon’s Red Heeler) got along.  Well, I think it was a big hit.  Butch and Hawkeye got along just great, but Hawkeye and the horse was another issue.  I think there will be things that Hawkeye will have to learn about living on a farm.  It was fun just watching him run and run and run.  The boys also had a great time.  They fought over sitting on the tractor and they loved looking at the horses.  It was fun to watch them run around and explore the farm.  On the way back to DM, we took a pit stop in Ames for Kade’s FB game.  The poor Bears still haven’t managed to score, but they sure are enjoyable to watch.  It was then on to B-Bops for a quick lunch then on to home with 3 tired kids, 3 tired adults, and 1 tired out dog.

Waiting for the choo choo to take off.
Feeding the goats

Somebody is quite comfy reading his book.

Butch and Hawkeye saying hello
“Hi horsie”

Who wants to eat B-Bops when you can sit in the parking lot and watch the car wash across the street.

The Rest Of Our Weekend

Our five year wedding anniversary was on Saturday, so what better way to celebrate then to go to a friend’s house for a tailgating party and watch some Hawkeye football.  Too bad the Hawks couldn’t pull off a win.  Oh well, we had good food and a lot of fun.  Thanks McArtors!  Today was another busy Sunday.  This afternoon, I helped with a baby shower for Mindy, my sister-in-law.  We had a good turnout, good food, and they got a lot of great gifts for the baby.  Everything was so cute that it almost makes me want to have another. . . but not anytime soon.  While all of us girls were at the shower.  Papa Steve, Brad, and Jaxson spent a lot of time enjoying the beautiful weather playing outside.  This evening, Brad and I had our second Alpha class.  We are very excited about our small group that we are in.  Jeriann Ritter, the Channel 13 meteorologist, and her husband are our table leaders and there are two other couples that are around our same age.  Each week we start off with a nice meal, then the band plays some of the favorite worship songs, then the lesson, then we break into our small groups.  We are learning a lot already and having fun doing it.  A follow-up to Jaxson’s speech evaluation since I forgot to post about it and a lot of people have been asking me how it went.  A lady came on Wednesday to eval him and she was very impressed with Jaxson.  She said that he is in the high end of normal for his physical abilities, following directions, and social skills.  She did say that he is in the low end of normal for his speech, but still normal.  She said not to worry because he is still right on track.  After talking to several parents, many of them say that it seems that they just start talking overnight.  So I guess I will just wait for that night to come, but in the meantime, we’ll keep working on it.

Jaxson playing in the bounce house at the McArtor’s house

"I want a snack"
The hostesses with the mama-to-be.  Sunita, Mindy, Abby, and me.

Five Years Of Wedded Bliss

Five years ago at this very time that I am blogging, Brad and I were in my home church in Hubbard getting our wedding pictures taken before our ceremony.  It is so hard to believe that it’s been five years ago already.  I will say that it has been the best five years of my life and I look forward to the many years together to come.  To celebrate our anniversary, we went out to eat on Wednesday night to one of our favorite restaurants, Christopher’s.  We had previously decided that we wouldn’t get each other anything other than a card because that’s all we usually do.  So during our meal, Brad said, "Well Honey, I did get you something for our anniversary."  And do you know what was running through my mind?  "Please not another trip.  Please not another trip" as the memories of abdominal pain, the ER, and a CT scan ran through my head. So he pulls a jewelry box out of his pocket and in it was a peridot ring.  Peridot is a light green gem and it is Jaxson’s birthstone for August. It is beautiful!  Thank you Honey for a wonderful 5 years!  I love you!

Crappy Weather Weekend

Just because the weather was crappy, doesn’t mean that we stayed inside all weekend.  Brad took off very early on Saturday morning for the big game in Iowa City.  He took his friend, Ben, with him this week.  Ben is a season ticket holder for the Cyclones, so every year when Iowa and ISU play, they take the other to the game with them.  It works out great for both of them.  Luckily this year, Brad was able to walk away with the bragging rights.  Go Hawks!  While Brad was at the game, Jaxson and I were out shopping with my mom.  She came down for the day do get some furniture shopping done for their basement.  We ate lunch at Legends and were able to watch most of the first half of the game there, then we finished shopping and came home and watched the second half once Bubbie went down for his nap.  Thank God for Tivo!  Last night was quite eventful also.  To make a long story short, I ended up having my brother, Casey, and my sister all spend the night at our house.  I’ll just say that they all had a lot of fun at their parties and were using good judgement when they decided that they shouldn’t drive home.  So we all got up this morning and had some cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Jaxson was a little confused as to why they were all here, but he enjoyed showing off for them.  This afternoon, we went to Kade’s first football game, which was in Waukee.  The weather was terrible.  It was in the 50’s with a very cold wind.  It sure felt like it was November.  Kade played really well and even had an interception and two tackles.  Despite their hard effort they still lost to the Giants.  It will be fun to go watch him each week, but hopefully the weather won’t be that miserable everytime.  This evening, Brad and I started a class at the church called Alpha.  It’s a class that we’ve wanted to take for a couple years now and just haven’t been able to with me working almost every Sunday.  It is a ten week class that anyone can go to to get questions that they have about God answered, to reconnect with God, or to just meet people and to get involved in the church.  We’ve talked to several people that have taken it before and they said that it was awesome.  So we are excited about it.  Another good thing about it is that they serve a very nice supper every week before we get started.  Can’t beat that.  Tonight we just sat at a random table with a few people and our table leader just happened to be Jeriann Ritter, the Channel 13 meteorologist, and her husband.  Her and I talked quite a bit.  They are expecting their first child in Feb.  So it came up that I do in-home daycare and they live close to us so she said that she may be giving me a call.  Now I doubt that I will have openings, but it’s worth a shot.

Jaxson with the football stud after his game.
Kade is ready for the play.  He is on the far right.

Two Year Statistics

Jaxson hit the big 0-2 on August 19th.  Brad had to take him to his two year check-up by himself since I had kids for daycare.  Luckily the two year appointment means no shots, so Brad was thankful that he didn’t have to deal with that.  Jaxson is weighing in at 31 lbs (75th%) and is 36 3/4 inches tall.  The office measured him at 35 1/4 in, which I said "no way" when Brad got home and told me that because I knew he was taller than that and sure enough he was, so I’m going by my measurements.  I am a little concerned about his language development, so they placed a referral to have someone come evaluate him on Wed.  He’s not really saying two word phrases.  He does say "all done," which sounds more like "da do." He does tell little stories like "Dada. . . mow. . . da do," which means daddy mowed and now he’s all done, so I don’t know if that counts. This last week I’ve really started concentrating on MAKING him say two word phrases.  He will now say "more please," which is more like "more cheese" and "yes please."  So I feel like we are making progress.  I know I probably shouldn’t be worried about it because I’ve had a lot of parents of boys especially tell me that their boy didn’t really start talking until the age of two, but I just want someone to come eval him and let me know where we are at.  I know he is a very smart kid because he understands EVERYTHING, maybe even too much at times.  He is also learning his colors at a fast pace.  He now recognizes and says yellow, which is his favorite, blue, purple, and red.  He went with me to Target last week and all of their price tags on the racks have yellow highlights on them and he had to point out everyone to me and yell out "YEYOW."  Hey, whatever it takes to keep him distracted and busy so that I can get my shopping done.  He still amazes us everyday with new things that he is learning and doing.  I’m sure that this next year will be full of more fun and exciting firsts that I will have to blog about.

A Successful Weekend

We’ve been getting ready for our garage sale for so long now, I was hoping that it would all be worth it. . . and it was.  We had a HUGE turnout!  It started on Friday evening when we opened the garage up for a couple hours.  Despite the rain, people still came out and bought our junk, mostly our big stuff.  Saturday morning, I got up early and started setting up again.  Brad left for the Iowa game real early also, so he wasn’t around to help.  Luckily, Andy came down to help me out and also my friend, Sharon, who also brought a ton of baby girl stuff and other baby items, which really brought the crowd in. My neighbor boy and his friend also came over to help.  Between the five of us, we were all VERY busy.  It got so crazy that at several times in the morning when I was sitting at the back of the garage, there were so many people in there that I couldn’t even see outside.  It’s crazy what people will buy, but I’m glad they did and I’m glad that it’s over.  There was one lady that came and shopped and asked me if we would consider donating what was left over of the girl’s and women’s clothes to the Children and Families of Iowa.  I believe that she volunteers there and she said that when she was there last, they hardly had any little girls clothes, so I did end up dropping off several boxes of what was left.  The rest of our weekend was very nice.  My dad and Brenda came down Saturday evening on their way back from Omaha.  They helped me box up what little was leftover from the sale and just hung out for a while.  Today, we went to church and then to our neighborhood potluck at the park this evening.  We had a great time and it seems to be getting bigger each time we go.  I think there were around eight families there with all of our kids.  The kids had a great time playing together.  It’s so nice to have that many families within a block of each other.

Jaxson liked to ride his batmobile in between the tables.  Pretty much everything pictured here is gone.  YEAH!
Miah and Jaxson taking a break from playing

Jack was sporting a new adorable spikey hair-do
I bought Jaxson an Elmo potty seat today and he LOVES to sit on it.

Labor Day Weekend

Our nice long weekend started off early Saturday morning when Jaxson and I headed downtown to the Farmer’s Market with Grandma Kris, Grandma Pam, and Tanya.  The weather was perfect and the food was great.  I came home with some cinnamon rolls and sweet corn and both were fabulous.  That afternoon, Brad, Kris, and I started setting up our garage for our upcoming garage sale this weekend.  It’s going to be BIG with a lot of junk (well, our junk and maybe someone else’s treasures).  I just hope that all of this work is going to be worth it.  That evening, Grandma Kris and Papa Steve babysat Jaxson while Brad and I went to a wedding reception of a former co-worker of Brad’s.  We had a great time seeing some friends that we hadn’t seen in a long time. Sunday evening we went to Tanya and Heath’s house so that I could get some free physical therapy on my neck and head.  I’ve been having a lot of headaches lately, probably due to stress, so I was hoping that Tanya could get the kinks out.  We had a good time watching Jaxson and Kade play together.  Kade was showing us some of his football warm-ups and of course Jaxson thought that he needed to try them out too.  Today was another beautiful day and we enjoyed it by going out to eat with our friends downtown and then to the last regular season game for the I-Cubs.  Chad got a skybox for the game and invited some friends to come.  Jaxson loved watching the game and now yells “bayball” all the time while he pretends to throw a ball or swing a bat, it is so cute.

We had to ride the choo choo at the Farmer’s Market

An Elmo sandwich
Jaxson’s first baseball game