Down On The Farm

Brad took off early on Saturday morning for the Iowa game.  They played Northwestern and managed to lose to them again.  I don’t know what it is about Northwestern, but the Hawks just can’t figure out how to beat them.  While Brad was at the game, Jaxson and I had a nice day with just the two of us.  This is something that I miss terribly since starting daycare.  We enjoyed a beautiful day at the zoo.  Of course we had to ride the choo choo and feed the goats, which he absolutely loved.  We had a great time.  Today was a busy day on the road.  We got up and headed down to the Case Haub household to pick up Brandy, Jack, Ben, and Hawkeye to make a trip up to Hubbard.  Brad was such a trooper driving the two toddlers in the van to Hubbard while I drove Brandy, Ben, and Hawkeye (the dog) in their car.  We went to Hubbard because Mike and Brandy have been contemplating about finding Hawkeye a new home.  Hawkeye is a Blue Heeler and has a lot of energy that is hard to burn off in a city.  They found him a new home a while back, but just couldn’t go through with it.  So Brandy made the comment to me the other day that they might reconsider if they could find the perfect home for him.  I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before, but my brother could give Hawkeye a great home.  He has a large farm that he can run around on all day and Brandon is very familiar with Heelers since that is what we had all growing up.  So we went up today so that Brandy could meet Brandon, check out the farm, and see how Haweye and Butch (Brandon’s Red Heeler) got along.  Well, I think it was a big hit.  Butch and Hawkeye got along just great, but Hawkeye and the horse was another issue.  I think there will be things that Hawkeye will have to learn about living on a farm.  It was fun just watching him run and run and run.  The boys also had a great time.  They fought over sitting on the tractor and they loved looking at the horses.  It was fun to watch them run around and explore the farm.  On the way back to DM, we took a pit stop in Ames for Kade’s FB game.  The poor Bears still haven’t managed to score, but they sure are enjoyable to watch.  It was then on to B-Bops for a quick lunch then on to home with 3 tired kids, 3 tired adults, and 1 tired out dog.

Waiting for the choo choo to take off.
Feeding the goats

Somebody is quite comfy reading his book.

Butch and Hawkeye saying hello
“Hi horsie”

Who wants to eat B-Bops when you can sit in the parking lot and watch the car wash across the street.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. brandy
    Sep 30, 2008 @ 20:34:41

    i still can’t get over the way jaxson’s ankle looks broken in that last photo.


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