Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Halloween.  We started our festivities on Tuesday night with carving pumpkins.  I was hoping that Jaxson would be all excited to help and get messy, but he could have cared less.  At least Brad and I had fun getting messy.  I have to say that I am quite impressed with how they turned out.  I bet you will have a hard time guessing who carved which pumpkin.  Tonight was trick-or-treat night in our neighborhood.  Jaxson started off very hesitant and didn’t quite get the whole concept.  At first he was scared to go up to the houses and get candy, but then when he did get candy, he had to stop and show everyone what he got.  After a few houses, then he was all about it.  He kept saying “more.”  Uh-oh, I think we have a candy begging pro on our hands.  I was worried that he wouldn’t want to wear his costume or not want to keep it on the whole time, but that wasn’t a problem at all.  Now our problem is going to be trying to get rid of all of this candy.   Now going to an off topic.  We went and checked out a part time daycare center today for Jaxson.  I am looking for somewhere for him to go on Monday mornings so that I can get some sleep after working Sunday nights.  We both really liked the place and it turns out that Jack, Jaxson’s BFF, also goes there on Mondays.  He was there today when we went for a tour, so of course Jaxson jumped right in and started playing.  He seemed to fit right in, so I hope that it will work out for him to go there.

Jaxson watching Daddy carve his pumpkin.
My pumpkin, it’s a spider if you can’t tell.
Brad’s pumpkin
Ready to go trick-or-treating
Jaxson with his buddy, Miah.
They might as well have been two peas in a pod.
We can’t forget the sleepy dalmation (Baby Ben).
Handing out candy at Miah’s house.

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