What A Weekend

What a busy weekend it was.  On Friday, Jaxson and I got up and took off for Eldora to spend some time with my grandma and Aunt Wendy.  We had a great time with them.  Then we went to Hubbard to stay overnight at my mom’s house.  Jaxson had a great time playing with all of Grandma’s “new” toys, at least they were new to him, and also having Papa Mike read to him.  He wore Papa Mike out.  Saturday morning we went and spent some time in town with my dad and Brenda.  Jaxson was quite the entertainment for them also.  Then we had to go out to Uncle Brandon’s farm to check in on him and to get some pictures of Hawk, formerly known as Hawkeye, for our friends the Case Haubs.  We are happy to report that Hawk is thriving on the farm and has bonded very well with my brother.  After that, we went back to Mom’s house to play a little longer before heading back to DM.  It was a great time to spend with my family because Brad ended up staying and working late at the hospital on Friday night and then was at the Iowa game all day on Saturday.  It was the last home game for Iowa for the season and they were able to pull off another victory against Purdue.  Yeah Hawks!  Once we all got home from our trips, Jack and Ben came over for a little while so that Mike and Brandy could have a well-deserved dinner to themselves.  Then after the Case Haubs went home, Heath, Tanya, and the boys came over to entertain us for the rest of the evening.  Jaxson had a blast playing with Kade.  At one point, they were being quite loud in Jaxson’s bedroom so I went to check on them.  I opened the door and Jaxson informed me that they were playing with the lights off and shut the door in my face.  Well OK then.  I guess I’ll just come back if somebody starts screaming.  Today we got up and went to church, which was wonderful as usual and tonight we have our last Alpha session.  I am going to miss this because it’s been so nice not to have to worry about what to make for supper on Sundays and it’s a nice break away from things.  Us four couples have gotten pretty close in the past 10+ weeks so I think we are going to try to keep our small group going.

Jaxson is becoming my own little personal kitchen assistant.  He HAS to operate the microwave and toaster at all times.  In this picture, he is checking on his hot dog for lunch.  Yes, he is still in his pajamas at lunch time. . . it was one of those days.

He is putting away the clean dishes for me.
Now he’s loading up the dirty ones.
Papa Mike reading to Jaxson before bed.
Snuggling with Grandma.
Reading with Papa Gary.
Giddy-up horsie!
Bandon and Hawk

Two cheeseballs!

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  1. Brandy
    Nov 29, 2008 @ 21:22:48

    It’s so good to see Hawkeye looking happy, and Brandon looking happy with him. It really is a big relief and heart warmer for me. Thanks for posting these photos!


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