Christmas Goodies

Today we went over to our friend’s, the Thompson’s, house to do some cookie decorating with all of the kids.  Jaxson and I were in charge of bringing the frosting.  You’ll see how much fun we had with making that from the pictures.  You know how Jaxson loves to help me cook and bake, so he’s always right by my side whenever I’m making anything in the kitchen.  Well, he was a little too close to my mixer when I went to turn it on low and accidentally turned it onto high.  It was quite hilarious.  Anyways, the kids had a great time playing with one another and decorating cookies.  Jaxson started eating his cookie even before he got frosting on it.  I guess that I had expected to bring home some nicely frosted cookies, but then I had to remind myself that I’m putting cookies in front of my toddler and expecting him to frost them and not eat them. . . yeah right!

“Uh-oh Mom, there’s powdered sugar all over my face.”
The second accident after I had poured the heavy cream in.  My mixer is hard to turn on, so when I try to turn on low, I end up getting the high speed.  Oh well, we got some good laughs out of it.
All the kids enjoying a snack before the cookie decorating begins.
“Sugar-high, here I come!”
Jack and Jaxson sampling their masterpieces.
Jaxson and Will
Jaxson and Daddy making some of our own Christmas goodies.

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