And The Fun Begins

Our Christmases started this weekend when we headed North to Eldora for my Buckley family Christmas.  The drive there was not that fun, as it was snowing and blowing.  We counted somewhere around 40 cars in the ditch along the way.  We got there safely and had a wonderful time.  It’s always great seeing the family and getting to spend some time with them.  Brad and Jaxson went to Gowrie from Eldora so that Brad could take care of Steve on Sunday while Kris was at work.  Steve is recovering well from his surgery.  I rode home with Heath and Tanya since I had to work and once again the roads were not the greatest.  We did quite a bit of drift busting on our way home.  Heath and I thought it was pretty fun, but Tanya, not so much.  I worked Sat. and Sun. and it was another good weekend.  We are gearing up for Christmas this week, more traveling, and trying to stay warm.

Making Christmas cookies.
What a good helper.
Snuggling with Grandma
Jaxson and cousin Lauren playing
What a nut!

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