The Rest Of Our Week

On Tuesday, Jaxson and I went and spent the day in Gowrie with G & G Cathcart.  We had a great time with them.  Papa Cathcart is now back to work delivering mail after his hip replacement surgery.  He is doing quite well, but isn’t a big fan of the real bumpy roads. On Wednesday evening, we took Jaxson to a walk-in clinic because I suspected that he might have another bilateral ear infection.  He has had a runny nose for a few days, but once it got to the point that he was putting his fingers in his ears and saying, “Mommy owie” and “ears hurt,” I figured we had better take him in.  So he’s back on ATB.  Brad took yesterday off, and to much to my surprise, he actually got the whole day off.  His boss keeps telling him that he needs to take more time off, since he has somewhere around 475 hours of PTO.  When he does manage to sneak in a day off, it’s quite common for them to call him and need him to come in. If I remember correctly, I think that he even managed to get through the day without getting a phone call from work. It was nice to have him off so that I could go into work and attend a colorectal cancer conference.  I know this isn’t too interesting to a lot of you, but I loved it.  We had a psychologist, social worker, pathologist, colorectal surgeon, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist come and talk to us about their role in colorectal cancer.  I could have listened to the pathologist talk all day, she was very interesting.  She even brought a piece of a cancerous colon that was removed during an autopsy. It was very cool.  Today we are just hanging out and waiting for the nice warm up that we are supposed to be having tomorrow.  Our two goals for tomorrow are to get outside and play and to wash the cars.

Reading with Nana
Reading with Papa

What’s Going On

We’ve managed to stay busy these past few days, hence the reason for no new posts on the blog.  On Thursday, Jaxson and I went to Hubbard to go to my Great Aunt Ruth’s funeral.  She had passed away in her sleep earlier in the week.  The funeral was very nice and it was nice seeing a lot of the Winter side of the family that I haven’t seen in a while.  On Friday night, Jaxson and Brad went to Heath and Tanya’s house to celebrate Heath’s birthday.  They had cake and ice cream and then the adults went out to the bar while the young ones stayed back at the house.  From what I hear, everyone had a great time.  While they were all having fun, I was at work. It was another good weekend, nothing too exciting to report.  Last night we met with our small group from church at Elsa and Rolf’s house in DM.  They made a fabulous chilli supper for us and we really enjoyed getting caught up with everyone since we haven’t seen them since before the holidays.  We are about ready to welcome a new addition to the group.  If everything goes as planned, Rob and Jeriann will be welcoming baby Luke next Monday.  Please keep them in your prayers as he is a BIG baby already and a C-section is planned.  I hope everyone has a fabulous week.

I don’t know the story behind the eye patch since I wasn’t there, but I would love to hear it.
Jaxson jammin’ on the drums.  I have a feeling that Kade isn’t too happy that Jaxson took over the drums.
Jaxson loves to "fix" his machines.  Uncle Brandon would be proud.

Another Family Christmas

This last weekend we braved the drifted roads once again to get to Brad’s cousin’s house by Glidden for another family Christmas.  It was at Corey and Mindy’s home, which is newly remodeled and gorgeous.  Mindy is Steve’s niece.  It is tradition for our families to get together every year and just have a nice dinner.  Corey and Mindy have two children, Brody (5) and Addison (2).  So Jaxson had a good time playing with them and watching them play the Wii.  We had a great time, but it was cut way too short since I had to get back home so that I could take a nap before going into work that night.  Work went well again this weekend.  I have yet to experience a "busy" night. . . knock on wood.  Jaxson went to daycare on Monday and did well again.  It helps that Jack is usually there, so of course they have fun playing with the trains.  We also started our winter volleyball league at the hospital this last Monday and so far we are undefeated.  We have a pretty good team this year, so we will be a serious competitor for the trophy. 

Kris, Steve, and Brady
One cool dude ready to go to the mall.

Extreme Makeover: Farmhouse Edition

Jaxson and I went back up to Hubbard on Wednesday and helped Bud finish the makeover to his house.  Everything is done now and I have to say that it looks so much nicer and warmer.  I think that we all had a lot of fun with this project.  It’s a lot of fun when the change is so drastic like it was at his house.  Jaxson and I came home on Thursday in the freezing cold temperatures and are staying inside today.  I am sick of these below 0 temps.  It was so cold that my radio in the van would only blast music at a volume of 35, despite me trying to turn it down.  I’m sure glad that it started working again once it warmed up.  I would have hated to miss a ride home without hearing “The Wheels on the Bus” five times.

The boys trying to stay warm while watching the movie “Cars” or as Jaxson calls it “Tar Buvie.”
Bud and Hawkeye
The bathroom – before
The bathroom – after
The dining room – before
and after
Another view of the dining room and into the living room – before
and after
another view of the dining room after
Living room – before
and after.  Notice Hawkeye on the couch sleeping with a pillow and blanket.
The playroom – before
and after.  This room isn’t completely finished, but you get the idea.
kitchen – before
and after

To My Friends in CA and TX

Eat your hearts out. . . I know that you are booking plane tickets back to IA ASAP, aren’t you?

FYI:  That’s not the temp with the wind chill.  BRRRRR!

Pajama Day

Today was just that. . . a PJ day.  After being on the go all weekend and with the weather cold and snowy today, I decided that there was no need to get out of our pajamas, even to shovel the driveway.  This was my weekend off so of course we had to pack it full with no time to waste.  On Friday, we had the Case Haubs over for some pizza.  We are used to seeing them everyday in the summer time, so when winter hits, I think we experience withdrawal.  Jack and Jaxson had a blast together, especially when the adults chased them around inside the choo choo tent.  We left for Hubbard on Saturday morning to do Extreme Makeover on the farmhouse that I grew up in.  My brother moved in a few years ago when my dad and Brenda bought a house in town, so since then it has become the typical bachelor pad.  We stayed busy all day on Saturday and Sunday painting the kitchen, dining room, living room, playroom, and bathroom.  We didn’t get everything quite done so I am going to wait to post the before and after pictures, but I will say that it looks great.  On Saturday evening we had supper at my mom’s house with my grandma, Wendy, and my great uncle and his daughter that came from Minnesota.  It was great seeing them and we had a good time playing a game called Shut the Box.  While we were busy out at Brandon’s both days, Jaxson stayed with my dad and Brenda.  I think the highlight of his weekend was going on his first tractor ride with Papa.  My dad got the big tractor and the windrower out to snowblow Brandon’s driveway.  Jaxson sat up on the little seat behind my dad.  This sure brought back memories for me when I used to ride with my dad for hours at a time while he was in the field.  My dad even let Jaxson steer it, so of course he thought that he was pretty cool stuff.

The silly boys.
We’re on our way to Hubbard . . .

despite the “travel not advised” warnings.

Brandon got all of his staples out.
Jaxson playing Shut the Box.
Going for a ride with Papa.
Farm kids always start driving young.
Abbie, Conner, and Jaxson

What A Week!

We’ve had such a busy week and the weekend hasn’t even started yet.  Although it’s been busy, it’s been fun.  On Tuesday, Steve and Kris came down for Steve’s check up following his hip replacement.  He got a thumbs up from the Dr. and can graduate to one crutch or a cane if he wants to.  He’s still having a lot of itching, which started immediately following the surgery, so we are hoping that his allergy Dr. can figure out why he keeps itching and have a remedy for it.  Of all the problems that we were worried about with this surgery, we never would have guessed that the worst part of it would be the itching.  After his appointment, we all went out to eat at Famous Dave’s to celebrate Andy and Steve’s birthdays, which are Sat. and Sun.  Happy Birthday guys!!  On Wednesday, Jaxson and I went to Hubbard to help Brandon around the house.  I have wanted to get my hands on his house for a long time now to give it a good scrub down, since it’s turned into your typical bachelor pad.  So I thought what better good time than when he’s laid up and will actually ask for some help.  Mom and I spent most of the day out there cleaning and we had to remind Brandon not to help us, but we would occassionally find him doing things that he shouldn’t be.  While cleaning, Brandon mentioned that he really wanted to get curtains for all of the windows and I mentioned something about slapping a fresh coat of paint on the walls.  So tomorrow we are going back up for the weekend to do an episode of Extreme Makeover: Farmhouse Edition.  Stay tuned on Monday for some great before and after pics.  After cleaning all day, my grandma had us all over for a great meal.  There’s nothin’ like your grandma’s cookin’.  On Thursday, Jaxson and I went back out to the farm to do some more cleaning.  I had a great time scrubbing his kitchen floor on my hands and knees for three hours.  I’m sure feeling it today, but it looks a lot better and now I will walk on it without my shoes on.  Brandon’s recovery is coming along very well.  His first night at his house was on Wed. night, which he said was pretty rough.  He had to wake up at least once to take pain pills. He does pretty well during the day, but has to stop a few times to take pills and rest, which is what he should be doing, but won’t.  Tonight we are having our friends, Mike, Brandy, Jack, and Ben over for some pizza.  We are looking forward to it because Jaxson and Jack haven’t seen each other in a while.  Then it’s off to Hubbard for the weekend.

An intense game of Memory.

Now it’s Grandma’s turn to play.
Grandma and Brady
A nut
This was Brandon’s horse when he was a little boy.  He carried it down from the attic for Jaxson, i.e. one of those things that he shouldn’t be doing following neck surgery.
Brandon and his dogs, Hawkeye and Butch

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