A Lot Of Random Stuff

Saturday was a busy day for us.  I volunteered at the church in the morning, Brad took Jaxson to the Dr. again because he woke up complaining that his ear was hurting, and we had family come to church with us that evening.  My mom, Mike, Brandon, and my uncle Randy and aunt Brenda all came to DM to experience Hope with us.  Randy and Brenda had never been there before and thought it was great.  We’re so glad that they could come with us.  After church, we met Heath, Tanya, and the boys in Ankeny for supper at Chili’s.  After supper, Brad, Jaxson and I went to their house for some cake and ice cream to celebrate Kade’s 10th birthday.  Tanya made him a very yummy cake. . . gotta love birthday cake.  After our late night at their house, we got home and Jaxson found a big surprise waiting for him in our living room.  Brandon brought his barn and some farm equipment that he played with when he was a little boy.  Jaxson has played with it for hours already and has been telling his friends about the “big barn” that “Banon” brought for him.  It is so cute because he still says “sank su Banon” (thank you Brandon) at least once a day.  On Monday, we were supposed to have VB; however, the net broke, so our plans changed to going over to our neighbor’s, Matt and Ann’s, house to watch Dancing With The Stars and eat pizza.  I’ve never watched a season of this show because I’ve found it quite boring, but now that our neighbor, Shawn Johnson, is on there, I have to watch!  She did such a great job.  I hope she keeps it up and makes it to the final.  Instead of having an Olympic block party this year, we’ll have to have a Dancing With The Stars block party.  What’s really keeping me busy this week is the remodeling that I’m doing on our main bathroom.  If you’ve been to our house before, you’ll remember it as the beach bathroom.  It went from a bright blue to a brown.  I got done painting it yesterday.  Brad and I are hoping to get our new toilet and faucet in tonight.  Yeah, we’ll see how that goes and see if we can get by without calling Heath . . . or a marriage counselor.  To end with a funny little story about Jaxson.  I was in the bathroom painting yesterday and he walks in and says, “Mommy, yuckie toilet.”  I said, “Yes Jaxson, we’re getting rid of the yuckie toilet and getting a new one.  Are you going to go potty in the new toilet?”  Jaxson looks at the ceiling and is thinking hard about his answer, he replies, “Ummm. . . no please.”

This is Jaxson pretty much every morning.  He has to watch “Wish Buvie” aka – fish movie, aka Finding Nemo.
We did get some Brady time on Saturday too.  Boy, he’s not a happy kid.
Happy Birthday Kade!
Enjoying chips and salsa. . . and milk at Chili’s.
Our new thing is to dance to all of the songs on American Idol.
Playing with all the farm toys.
I found him sneaking into the bars that I made this morning.  He was trying to get the “yum yums” aka M&M’s.  Don’t worry Brandy, I gave you the pieces that were untouched.
Guilty!  Are you wondering why I have TP and Jaxson’s potty seat on my counter?  I had to clean out my cupboard in the bathroom to install the new faucet, so they landed up on the counter.  Don’t worry the potty seat is unused.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aunt Tanya
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 21:01:51

    I didn’t even see Jaxson at first amongst the living room floor decorations!!


  2. brandy
    Mar 19, 2009 @ 13:49:33

    i’m not afraid of toddler germs 🙂


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