Just Trying To Stay Busy

Now that we are all well again, knock on wood, we’ve been getting out and doing fun things.  Jaxson and I joined a new group called Brighter Beginnings.  It is part of the WDM school system and it is fabulous.  My friend Brandy and her son, Jack, have been going for a long time now and she’s been trying to get me to go, so I finally got enrolled.  We went last Friday morning for our first time and Jaxson left saying, “Mommy fun.”  Basically we sing songs with the kids for a few minutes at the beginning and then they go off to their room to have snacks and crafts/activities and the moms go off to their room to talk about mom things and just have some adult time.  It is a lot of fun and just another way to meet and get connected with other moms.  On Friday afternoon, Brad and I took Jaxson up to Ames to meet my mom after work so that she could take Jaxson for the weekend.  He had a blast!  He got home and was so excited to tell us how he made cookies with Nana and how he got to ride in Papa’s big truck.  I guess he didn’t want to come home.  That’s when you know that he had a good time.  So while Jaxson was at the grandparent’s all weekend, I worked and Brad got to have some time to do whatever he wanted to do, which doesn’t happen really much at all anymore.  Although, I don’t know if I would call putting in two new toilets “something that he wanted to do.”  We had a nice weekend and couldn’t wait for Bub to come home on Sunday.  We met with our church small group on Sunday night and had a great time.  We decided that we were all going to try to start going to church together every other weekend and then meet up afterwards to discuss the sermon.  We figured that would give us a chance to see everyone more often and also get us to church.  Yesterday, Brandon had his three month checkup following his neck surgery.  I’m happy to report that both surgeons said that the graft looks fabulous and very strong.  However, he did develop a muscle hernia where they took the bone from his hip, which has been causing him some discomfort.  They recommended not to do surgery on it.  Grandma Kris also came down and visited yesterday.  She hadn’t seen her boys since before they left for Cancun.  We went to the mall and then headed up to Ankeny so that she could babysit Brady and we just hung out.  Last night we went to another Iowa Chops hockey game.  Jaxson had so much fun at the last one that I wanted to take him to one more before the season was over.  We had a lot of fun eventhough they lost. . . again.  Jaxson was having a blast dancing to all of the music and watching the “boys play ball” and the “two doalies (goalies).”  He even made it onto the jumbotron and got his very own puck.  This morning we went to Backyard Adventures with the Case Haubs to let the boys run off some energy and I think it worked, as Jaxson is now sleeping.  They had a lot of fun and are getting more adventerous with climbing the big rock walls and going down the big slides.  It’s also getting pretty nice because he’s at the age where I don’t have to be right by ready to catch him.  I have to remember that he’s getting to be a big boy now.  I also learned this morning as we were shopping for Brad’s birthday present that I’m probably not going to be able to take him with anymore when I want to get something that will need to be kept a secret.  When we got home he wanted to get it out and I tried to explain to him that it was Daddy’s present and that Daddy will be the one to open it.  Jaxson’s response was “Daddy home, show you someping.”  So when Brad gets home he wants to show him something and he also just comes out and says what it is.  So I’m guessing that we will probably just celebrate Brad’s birthday tonight, since someone can’t keep a secret.

Happy Brady
Cleaning out the junk drawer for me.  What a helper.
Loading up the goods in his truck to haul away.
He is a chunkie monkey
Jaxson liking Brady’s Bumbo chair
Grandma with her boys
At the Chops game

Holding on tight to his puck
All three boys at Backyard Adventures
2 1/2 years old
19 months old – I always like to compare pics like these.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tanya
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 02:02:11

    Well, I’m glad to hear that Brandon’s graft is healing despite his rodeoing! Hmmm…I’ve never seen a muscle hernia in the gluteal muscle…I’ll have to do some research! I like the comparison pics too…you just don’t realize how much they change until you compare. They are getting so big!!


  2. Brandy McArtor
    Apr 02, 2009 @ 14:23:08

    Glad everyone around the Cathcart household is healthy again!


  3. brandy
    Apr 06, 2009 @ 17:18:28

    love those comparison shots! so cute. i’ll have to copy a few photos from you since i never take my own 🙂


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