The Greatest Comeback Ever

We were so blessed today that most of our family could get together and go to church with us at Hope.  I know, you’re saying “But it’s not even Easter yet.”  Well, since our church has so many members and Pastor Mike usually puts on one heck of a good Easter service, they held two services this evening and are also having several tomorrow.  We went 45 minutes early and were lucky to get 17 seats together.  We learned from last year when we had to sit in the gym.  Once again, Pastor Mike delivered just like he usually does.  The theme this year was “The Greatest Comeback Ever.”  Of course he had to talk about some of the greatest comebacks in sports history, but then he also related it to Jesus’ comeback.  What an awesome thing that Jesus lived, died on the cross for us, and then rose from the dead. . . all for us.  Let us not forget what Easter is all about and praise Him.

The beginning of the service.
This guy was also at the Christmas service doing a hand painting.  Today he started with a blank canvas and a few minutes later I could see a cross developing, about halfway through he had a beautiful painting of a cross, and then at the end of the service I looked over and this was the end product.
The service also included fabulous singers and ballet dancers.


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  1. Erika Holmes
    Apr 13, 2009 @ 14:30:07

    Y’all look so nice for Easter in your coordinating gear; if only I could be so organized:-) Your church service sounds absolutly wonderful (thanks for smuggling in a camera so I can get an idea of what it’s like;-0)… on a different note, it’s it crazy how big our boys are getting? I can’t believe they are going to be 3 soon. And BTW: where did you get Jaxson’s Thomas T?


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