Is April Over Already?

My goodness, I was just looking at my calendar for this weekend and realized that it’s going to be May already.  Where did April go?  Our days pretty much consist of playing outside when it’s nice and staying inside when it’s not. . . how exciting.  Although, lately, Jaxson and I have been venturing out during the nice days to scope out different parks.  He thinks this is so cool.  I wish we would have done this a long time ago, but who knew there were so many different parks within a two mile radius?  We are looking forward to this weekend because we have several exciting things going on.  We are taking Jaxson and his friend, Miah, to the circus either on Friday or Saturday.  The downtown Farmer’s Market starts on Saturday.  We are going to church with our small group on Saturday night and we have Brady’s baptism on Sunday.  And in case you were wondering, yes, this is my weekend off, which makes it even better!

One sad fire chief.
This picture was taken back in Feb, but Jaxson found it saved on my camera and insisted that we re-create it, so here’s the new one.

His buddy, Miah
Miah came over lastnight to play some Wii.  Who knew cow racing could be so serious?
Jaxson is jumping his cow over a hurdle.

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