Happy Mother’s Day And A Whole Lot More

First of all, I want to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the mothers out there.  I hope all of you had a fabulous day and were spoiled!  Our Mother’s Day weekend was quite the busy one.  On Friday, we went up to Hubbard to spend some time with my mom.  They just got their basement all finished and had several friends out for a little party.  It was great because it reminded me of when I was in high school and we would all get together and have a lot of fun.  We even got to see the Pelzers, who I haven’t seen since our wedding when Mason and Traye were gift carriers.  I started babysitting for the Pelzers when Mason was 10 months old, he’s now 14!!!  Wow, do I feel old!  It was great seeing them!  On Saturday, we went out to the farm for a little bit and let Jaxson run wild with the dogs, cows, and horses.  Then we ran over to Eldora to see Grandma and Wendy real quick.  My Uncle Warren also came up for the weekend so we all went to The Pizza Ranch for lunch and had a good time.  Then Saturday afternoon we went to my stepbrother Levi’s high school graduation party.  He will be graduating on Memorial Day weekend.  Then it was a fast trip home so that I could change and get to work for the weekend.  On Sunday morning, Jaxson and Brad went up to Gowrie to spend Mother’s Day with Kris.  We figured they might as well spend it with Kris since I would be sleeping all day.  They had a great time playing outside all day and Brad helped them do some landscaping.  So to sum it all up. . . we had a fabulous crazy busy weekend, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

A beautiful rainbow after a thunderstorm earlier this week.
Jaxson is planting his own flower garden.
Traye and Mason playing with Jaxson.
The boys playing Wii.
Brandon and Jaxson playing frisbee with Butch.
Three of Brandon’s favorite things.
Nana’s little helper.
Getting ready to mow with Papa.
Off for a motorcycle ride. . . it’s a good thing Mommy’s not here!
I was told they only went 10 mph.
Happy Mother’s Day Kris!
The end to a busy weekend.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Brandy
    May 13, 2009 @ 03:24:30

    Aww, I LOVE the Hawkeye photos. He looks so at home 🙂 Glad to see he hasn’t hit the middle-aged spread like Butch has just yet-Ha! Glad your Mother’s Day weekend was so nice!


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