12 Weeks

Well, I am nearing the end of my first trimester. . . already.  I can’t believe it because pretty much throughout the day, I forget that I’m pregnant.  This time I am so busy with an almost three year old and trying to keep up with the house (or not) that I don’t have time to dwell on this pregnancy like the first one.  I still feel pretty good most of the time.  I have to make sure that I keep something in my stomach or I do feel sick very fast.  I also feel that the moodiness is getting a little better, although maybe Brad should be the judge on that one.  I am also looking forward to my energy level returning, which it should in the coming weeks. . .hopefully.

12 weeks pregnant with Baby Cathcart #2


Neighborly Weekend

We had a great weekend that started on Friday evening when we headed back to Gowrie.  Brad had to get up bright and early on Sat. morning to ride in the annual Firecracker 40.  This is a 40 mile bike ride to all of the surrounding towns around Gowrie.  He always rides it with a group of friends that he graduated HS with and they have a lot of fun.  They have many beer stops along the way to help them stay “hydrated.”  While Brad was doing that, Jaxson and I hung out at Kris’ house while she was showing many people her flower gardens.  Gowrie was having a “Tour of the Gardens” and Kris was one of those stops.  We counted 73 people that stopped by.  After Brad got done with his ride, we hurried home so that we could get to our annual block party.  Once again we had a great turnout and a ton of fun.  We blocked off the street so that the kids could run wild and free.  We had a ton of food and a lot of fun hanging out and talking with the neighbors.  We met the new couple that just moved in three doors down and got a tour of their house that they are doing a ton of work on.  They are very cool and will fit in perfect on our street.  Brad turned in a little early, but Jaxson and I stayed up and partied until 11:30.  Needless to say, we all slept in a little bit this am.  We did get up and go to church, but then came back home for some more rest time.  This evening we were supposed to have our monthly neighborhood potluck at the park, but it turned out being an impromptu BBQ at the Cathcart house when we figured out that only three couples were going to come.  So we had the party and let the kids play in the sprinkler and enjoyed some homemade ice cream.  What a great ending to a great weekend:)

Some of Kris’ gardens

The block party
Erin did face painting again this year.
Jaxson got a sun.
Riding Miah’s big wheel.
The impromptu party at our house.  Olivia, Sophia, Miah, and Jaxson
Brad holding Amisha.  She must like him because she doesn’t go to strangers.

It’s Getting HOT HOT HOT!

Oh my goodness, where did this heat come from?!  You know it’s hot when it’s too hot to be outside in the pool.  Last night we got Jaxson’s pool out for the first time and Miah came over and they played in it from 5:30-8:00 and it was still hot outside.  This morning we went down to Jack’s house and were done outside by 11:30.  I like the warmer weather, but not this warm.

Miah’s airborn

2 cool cats

Father’s Day Weekend 2009

Happy Belated Father’s Day to all of the dad’s reading this.  Unfortunately I had to work all weekend, Fri, Sat, and Sun. nights, but the important thing is that Brad and Jaxson got to spend Father’s Day together with Steve.  Brad had a busy weekend with Bubbie.  On Saturday, he took Jaxson to Clive Fest where they got to dunk our neighbor, Matt, in the dunk tank.  Jaxson loved that.  He also got to jump in the bounce houses and all those fun things.  That night they went and saw the fireworks with the Barrons and had a good time.  On Sunday, the boys headed to Gowrie to celebrate Father’s Day.  They had brunch out at the golf course and then spent the rest of the day playing outside and in the pool.  Jaxson had such a busy weekend that Monday morning came a little too soon for him and he wasn’t too thrilled about waking up early and going to the Kid’s Room.  He cried when Brad dropped him off, which he’s never done before.  When I got him home that afternoon, I asked him why he cried and he said, "Jaxson want to stay home." 

I don’t know what it is about these two, but they always have silly pictures together.

"Check out my wheels."
A much needed bath after a LONG weekend.

Who Is This?

That’s right, you guessed it!!  We’re expecting!  I had my first appointment with the midwives today and we heard the heartbeat, which was in the 160’s.  I am 10 1/2 weeks and due on Jan. 12th, although I’m hoping for a 2009 baby.  If I had to guess, I’m guessing that this one is a girl because this pregnancy has been so different than my pregnancy with Jaxson.  I have been nauseous quite a bit, but it’s only when I get hungry.  I didn’t have any nausea with Jaxson.  My hair has also been falling out, which is the opposite with Jaxson.  I have also been very moody!!!  If you don’t believe me just ask Brad, he’ll tell you.  Jaxson might too 🙂  My appointment with my midwife, Pam, went well.  She was the one that delivered Jaxson.  We laughed about my delivery with Jaxson and she joked that she was going to take spring break very early this year so that she wouldn’t be on call when I go into labor.  We’ll see if she could be so lucky.  We are very excited about the pregnancy and Jaxson is too.  He is hoping for a baby sister.  It is so cute when you ask him what he wants. He says, "Jaxson want baby sister like Miah has Amisha."  He will be such a good brother because he loves babies and is so good with them.  So now you will have to get used to seeing belly pictures again.  With this being the second child, who knows if they’ll get a baby book and all of the documentation that Jaxson’s pregnancy did, so the blog might just be this kid’s baby book. 

This was taken a couple weeks ago.  I was only 8 weeks and showing already.

Eat Your Heart Out Papa and Nana Cathcart

Brady got to come spend the day with Jaxson and me again.  We always enjoy having him because he is such a good baby.  Now today he wasn’t as good as he usually is, but he does have a good excuse.  He’s got his two bottom teeth poking through and bothering him, but we still had fun.  It’s funny to look at these pictures of the boys right next to each other because they don’t even look like they are related.  Jaxson obviously has the Cathcart skin tone (thank the Lord) and Brady’s got his mom’s skin tone.  Jaxson’s got the darker hair and dark brown eyes and Brady with his blonde hair and blue eyes.  Could these boys be any different??  Oh well, we love them all the same.

Hubbard Days 2009

What a fun and fabulous weekend we had.  This weekend was the famous Hubbard Days.  We headed back to Hubbard on Friday night and had a great time at the street dance even though it rained most of the night.  The girls spent most of the night in the bar while Heath and Brad would venture out in between downpours to listen to the band.  I got to see several high school friends that I only see every few years, so that was pretty fun.  Jaxson had a blast until about 1:00 am entertaining Dru and her friends. He partied until he dropped.  The next morning we got up and got ready for the big parade. . .  starring. . . Jaxson and Heath.  My stepmom, Brenda, is the manager of the Hubbard pool, so Jaxson got to ride on the pool float and it was Heath’s 15 year class reunion, so they also rode in the parade.  After the parade we went downtown to check out all of the activites.  Jaxson and Kade enjoyed jumping in the bounce house.  Kade, Brad and Devon tried their luck at climbing the rock wall.  Jaxson had fun riding the smiley face train about four times.  Dad and Brenda entered into the lawnmower races and got disqualified because of Brenda’s erratic driving.  To give Brenda a little credit, she was blindfolded and had to drive the lawnmower through an obstacle course while Dad rode in a wagon behind the mower and gave her directions.  It was quite entertaining.   That evening we enjoyed a BBQ at Mom’s with Randy, Brenda, Grandma, and Wendy.  We had such a nice evening to sit outside on the deck.

3. . . 2. . . 1. . .
Getting ready for the parade.
Looking good with their matching shirts.
Ready to go line up for the parade.
Devon and Brandon enjoying the parade in Brandon’s new Gator.
Jaxson’s parade debut.
Heath’s class reunion “float.”
Ready to go cruisin’ around town.
Come on Mom. . . seriously.
Kade attempting the rock wall.  He didn’t get too far.
Brad taking a stab at it.
Getting closer. . .
. . . and closer.  Almost there, only one more step to reach the button and. . .
Oh, so close.
Jaxson and Kade jumping around.

Mom and Jaxson from afar.
Somebody loves his Uncle Brandon.
Brenda running the lawnmower into the curb and Dad laughing hysterically.

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