Enjoying The Weather

The weather has been pretty nice here lately, getting into the high 70’s and low 80’s.  With temps like that, we have to take advantage of them by being outside and playing. . . in the water usually. 

Jaxson and Miah enjoying the sprinkler.

Cooling his toosh off.

Yesterday, Jaxson and I went up to Gowrie to see Steve and Kris since Kris had the day off from work and jury duty.  We had a great time just sitting outside while Jaxson rode his Cozy Coupe car up and down the driveway and playing with all of the other trucks.  We also got to experience Papa and Nana’s park and then another motorcycle ride.  Jaxson was excited to get home to tell Daddy all about his fun day at Papa and Nana’s.

Walking to the park.
Papa showing Jaxson how to work the digger thing.
He got the hang of it.
Oh boy, here we go for another ride.
Jaxson is "doing dishes."

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