Much To Blog About

Well, where do I start.  This last Friday afternoon, I met Brenda in Ames to hand off Jaxson to them for the WHOLE weekend.  He had such a blast with Papa Choo Choo (as Jaxson calls him) and Grandma Brenda.  When I called on Saturday to check in with them, Dad was crawling around in the tunnels at the McDonald’s Playland with Jaxson.  I wonder who was having more fun, Dad or Jaxson?  Since Brad and I were child free for the weekend, we took advantage of it and went to a movie for the first time since Jaxson was a newborn.  We saw "The Hangover," which was absolutely hilarious and I think the funniest movie that I have ever seen.  Brad had a golf outing with the guys planned for Saturday morning, but that got cancelled because of the rain, he was pretty bummed.  On Saturday evening, Steve and Kris came down and took all of us out to eat at Granite City for my birthday.  It was so yummy!  After supper, I had to get into work for the weekend.  Saturday was pretty quiet, but we made up for it on Sunday.  I knew it wasn’t going to be quiet when I heard a tornado warning being called for Polk county when I was driving into work.  That means that we have to get all of the patients out into the hallway until it is no longer in effect.  Luckily it only lasted about 20 minutes, but that’s a lot of extra work.  A couple hours later, I found a patient of mine to be in afib. so that meant a transfer to telemetry.  All in all, it was a good weekend and everyone survived.  Then on Monday, Grandma Pam came down for a visit and spent the night with us.  Jaxson had fun while Nana was here and wanted to go home with her.  It’s too bad she had to work the next day, or I probably would have sent him with her.  We also had a new addition to the family on Monday evening.  My stepbrother, Jason, and his wife, Maggie, welcomed William Victor into the family.  Mom, baby, and big brother Connor are all doing well.  Jason is currently on active duty in Iraq and hopes to be home in August.  I’m sad to tell you that I don’t have any pics from this weekend, so you’ll just have to settle for the narrative.  Instead, I will end this post with a funny story about Jaxson.  So lately, Jaxson has started saying, "Mommy, watch this."  So I watch him and it’s always something little, like he jumps in the air, or he spins in a circle.  You know how kids want you to watch all of their "silly" moves.  This morning we were in the living room and he says, "Mommy, watch this." So once again, I watch him and he just stands still this time and says, "What the heck!"  I couldn’t help but laugh and then I asked him who he heard say that.  He says, "Jaxson says that."  OK.  So it was a few minutes later and I was doing something in the kitchen and he comes in and says in a pretty loud voice, "What the heck you doing?!"   This is when I thought to myself "Wow, he does a pretty good impression of me and thank goodness he’s saying ‘heck’ because it could always be worse." 


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