Hubbard Days 2009

What a fun and fabulous weekend we had.  This weekend was the famous Hubbard Days.  We headed back to Hubbard on Friday night and had a great time at the street dance even though it rained most of the night.  The girls spent most of the night in the bar while Heath and Brad would venture out in between downpours to listen to the band.  I got to see several high school friends that I only see every few years, so that was pretty fun.  Jaxson had a blast until about 1:00 am entertaining Dru and her friends. He partied until he dropped.  The next morning we got up and got ready for the big parade. . .  starring. . . Jaxson and Heath.  My stepmom, Brenda, is the manager of the Hubbard pool, so Jaxson got to ride on the pool float and it was Heath’s 15 year class reunion, so they also rode in the parade.  After the parade we went downtown to check out all of the activites.  Jaxson and Kade enjoyed jumping in the bounce house.  Kade, Brad and Devon tried their luck at climbing the rock wall.  Jaxson had fun riding the smiley face train about four times.  Dad and Brenda entered into the lawnmower races and got disqualified because of Brenda’s erratic driving.  To give Brenda a little credit, she was blindfolded and had to drive the lawnmower through an obstacle course while Dad rode in a wagon behind the mower and gave her directions.  It was quite entertaining.   That evening we enjoyed a BBQ at Mom’s with Randy, Brenda, Grandma, and Wendy.  We had such a nice evening to sit outside on the deck.

3. . . 2. . . 1. . .
Getting ready for the parade.
Looking good with their matching shirts.
Ready to go line up for the parade.
Devon and Brandon enjoying the parade in Brandon’s new Gator.
Jaxson’s parade debut.
Heath’s class reunion “float.”
Ready to go cruisin’ around town.
Come on Mom. . . seriously.
Kade attempting the rock wall.  He didn’t get too far.
Brad taking a stab at it.
Getting closer. . .
. . . and closer.  Almost there, only one more step to reach the button and. . .
Oh, so close.
Jaxson and Kade jumping around.

Mom and Jaxson from afar.
Somebody loves his Uncle Brandon.
Brenda running the lawnmower into the curb and Dad laughing hysterically.

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