10 Year HS Class Reunion

This was another fun and fabulous weekend for the Cathcarts.  It was Radcliffe Days and my high school class reunion.  On Saturday morning, we headed to Radcliffe for all of the festivities.  Before the parade started, we got to meet up with one of my best friends from high school, Erika (Leerberg) Holmes and her family.  They live in Austin, TX so we don’t get to see each other that often anymore.  She has a little boy, Barrett (3), and precious Evie, who will be one.  It was also great to see her stepson Walker.  It was fun watching Barrett and Jaxson at the parade because they were instant friends.  They got so excited about everything and it was hilarious to listen to Barrett yell “MORE CANDY OVER HERE!” at all of the floats.  Needless to say, the boys came home with plenty of candy.  After the parade, we headed down to the park to play and check out all of the stands.  After the park, we went to the kickball tournament, which Brandon was playing in.  His team did quite well and made it to the finals, but ended up getting 2nd place.  While Jaxson and I were at the kickball tournament, Brad and Mike went golfing with Dan (Stacie Guard’s husband), who we have gotten to know quite well since we only live about two miles apart.  They had a great time and got done just in time for us to get to the reunion.  Our reunion was held at the Radcliffe Golf Course.  We had a great turnout of 21 classmates out of 42.  There were 44 in our graduating class but we sadly lost two shortly after graduating.  So there were 21 classmates along with their spouses and several kids.  It was great meeting everyone’s spouses and all of their children.  We had a great supper and had a great time just mingling and catching up with everyone.  After the reunion, Brad and I went up to the street dance for a little while.  It wasn’t the best of times since it was quite cold and I couldn’t drink to stay warm.  They would have made a lot of money if there had been a stand selling hot chocolate instead of sno cones.  On Sunday, we went to church with my mom because our church was celebrating their 125th year.  After church, we headed to Eldora and picked up Grandma and Wendy and went to lunch at the Pizza Ranch.  After lunch, we came back to Hubbard to stop in and see my dad and Brenda for a little bit and to check out their new camper.  Boy is that nice.   Then we headed back to DM to pick up Steve and Kris at the airport after their mini vacation to see friends Nels and Cindy in North Carolina.  Then it was on to home and to bed a little early.  We knew it was a long weekend when we came in from playing outside at 8:30 and I told Jaxson that he could play just a little bit and then it was bedtime.  His response, “Jaxson don’t want to play.  Jaxson want to go to bed.”  And up the stairs he went.  Good night.

Mom and Jaxson waiting for the parade to start.

Erika and Evie

 John D and Erika Holmes

Hubbard-Radcliffe Class of 1999


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