Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Yep, we’re having another boy!!  This child sure had me fooled.  I thought for sure it was going to be a girl since it’s been quite different from Jaxson.  At the ultrasound today the heart rate was 164, which is pretty high.  Usually when it’s a higher heart rate it tends to be a girl and boys are lower.  Jaxson followed that rule to the T with his always being 130’s-140’s.  So I told the ultrasound tech that I had been thinking it was a girl because of the high heart rate and she said, “Well, it just depends on how active they are.  This one must be more active.”  Excuse me??!!!  They don’t come much more active than Jaxson was.  Oh well, we’re just happy that everything looked good and we’re right on track for a January baby.  Now all we need is a name.  We like Brooks, but neither one of us is set on it, so we are open to any cool names that you might have.  My favorite is Preston, but I don’t think Brad really cares for it.  No matter what, the middle name is going to be Winter.


Jaxson’s Big Birthday Weekend

What a fabulous weekend we all had.  On Friday night, we all went up to Jester Park where Heath, Tanya, Devon, Kade, Dad, and Brenda were all camping for the weekend.  Devon just had his 16th birthday and that is what he wanted to do to celebrate.  Mom and Mike also met all of us there to celebrate.  We grilled and had fun sitting around the campfire.  Since Dad and Brenda just got a huge camper with plenty of room, they kept Jaxson with them until Sunday around noon.  They went fishing and saw some buffalo too.  Jaxson had a blast and now wants to go fishing and camping all the time now.  While the little mister was gone for a little while, Brad and I took advantage of the time.  I got things ready for his big birthday bash and made his cake and we also got a lot of much needed yard work done.  On Saturday night, we went out for supper at Macaroni Grill and then I came home and put on my jammies and watched a chick flick while Brad went and listened to a band with Ben.  On Sunday we went to church and then picked up Jaxson.  That evening all of our immediate family came down to celebrate Jaxson’s birthday.  Boy did he have a lot of fun and get spoiled.

Sitting around the campfire with Kade.

Jaxson got a new fishing pole and kite from Papa Choo Choo and Nana Brenda.

Watching cartoons in the camper.

Jaxson’s Mater birthday cake.  If you don’t know who Mater is, he’s the tow truck off of the “Cars” movie.  Jaxson loves him.

Playing football with Papa Mike.

Dad, Brenda, Brandon, and Jamie

Tanya, Mom, Steve, and Mike

Nana Kris and Brady

He’s serious about this present opening business

Jaxson got a big boy Chicago Bears bike from Papa Mike and Nana Pam.

Mommy and Daddy got Jaxson a jeep.

Playing with the new racetrack that Brandon got him.

Thank you to all of our family for making Jaxson’s birthday so special!

Happy 3rd Birthday Jaxson!

WOW, I can not believe that our baby is three years old today. He is growing up too fast for his mommy and daddy. I remember exactly what I was doing three years ago at this exact time. I was cleaning house and my brother stopped by with a friend of his to pick something up and he asked me, “So when are you going to have that kid?” I said, “Not today.” Little did we know that at 9:08 that night, our lives would change forever. These past three years have been the best years of our lives, but also the most challenging and I don’t think that I can say the most tiring, because I’m pretty sure that I slept WAY less in college. But anyways, they have been the most fun and we look forward to the many birthdays ahead. Now with all of the mushy stuff out of the way. . . today was Jaxson’s Lightening McQueen birthday party with all of his neighborhood friends. We ended up having ten adults and 16 kids here. Our original plan was to have a water party with the pool, slip-&-slide, and sprinkler out; however, mother nature had another plan for us. It’s a good thing that Brad and I cleaned the garage on a whim on Saturday because it sure came in handy today. So we moved the party to the garage and the kids had a good time playing in the yard. Now that we are all cleaned up and partied out from party number one, we have to start getting things ready for party number two on Sunday. Can’t wait!!

Good morning birthday boy!

Grandma Pam took the day off to come spend it with Jaxson.

I made Jaxson’s cake again this year and happy with how it turned out.  He liked it too!

More of Jaxson’s friends – Morgen, Peyton, Olivia and Sophia.

It took him a couple tries, but he got his candles blown out.

WARNING WARNING!!!  Don’t drink the water in our neighborhood.  I am due in Jan, Sonya is due in Sept. with a girl, and Brandy is due the end of Sept or beginning of Oct. with a boy.

Happy Birthday Bubbie!

To Catch Up. . .

August is a very busy month for us with about 50 birthdays. . . OK, maybe not that many, but we do have a lot.  Last week we kicked off birthday month with Jack’s 3rd birthday party.  Jack turned the big 0-3 on the 11th.  Mike and Brandy had a big backyard beach bash to celebrate, complete with a pool, bounce house, and beach cupcakes.  We had a great time and it was funny to watch Jack and Jaxson play amongst all of the other kids.  I thought for sure that with all of their other friends there, they would surely separate for a little bit and play with the other kids, but they didn’t.  They liked having all of their friends there, but when it came down to it, they played their own little games and they both made sure that they knew where the other was at all times.

The boys enjoying a snack at the party.

Mike and Brandy – I didn’t realize that I captured some evidence on my camera.

Fun in the bounce house.

Make a wish!

Yummy cupcakes!

Last week, Grandma Pam and Aunt Patty came down to babysit Jaxson so that Brad and I could go to the fair with our friends, the McArtors.  We didn’t do all of the usual stuff at the fair.  We just ate right away when we got there and then went into the concert and then got a root beer float afterwards and headed home.  Which was just fine with me since it was in the 90’s that day.  We went to the Jeremy Camp/Steven Curtis Chapman concert.  They are Christian Rock and they were awesome.  We sing a lot of their songs in church and they are all over Christian radio.  We had a fabulous time.  I heard that Jaxson had a great time with his babysitters too.  It was nice that Aunt Patty could some spend some time with us since she will be heading back to Oregon on Wednesday.

Jeremy Camp

Then on Friday, we got to watch Brady in the morning.  He was such a good boy and Jaxson liked entertaining him.

Cutie Pitootie

For some reason Jaxson was a very good boy last week.  Maybe the threat of “if you’re not a good boy, you’re not getting any birthday presents” is working.  Anyways, here’s a pic of him being a very good boy and reading his books quietly while I made lunch.

Happy Birthday to Devon, who turned 16 last week, and to Brandon, who turned 25 yesterday!  Now we’re gearing up for a big party week for Jaxson’s birthday on Wednesday.

18 weeks!

WOW, I can’t believe that I am 18 weeks along in my pregnancy already!  That means that I am almost half done.  I went and saw my midwife today and she said that things are looking great.  The heart rate is in the high 150’s-160’s, so I am still thinking that this one is a girl.  Let’s just say that I will be very shocked if at my ultrasound in two weeks that they tell me this is a boy.  I was 95% sure with Jaxson and it wasn’t even a surprise to me when they told me I was having a boy; it was like I had already known.  So now that I know the day of when we will find out, I am getting very anxious/excited. Trust me, we’ll keep you posted.

18 weeks prego

Weekend In Review

WOW, what a crazy weekend.  On Friday, we went to Hubbard because my mom and Mike were having their annual summer party on Saturday.  A lot of my family started celebrating early on Friday night since it was such nice weather.  We sat outside most of the evening and did some prep work for Sat, which included putting up three tarps/gazebos.  Well, little did we know that it was supposed to storm that night because on Saturday morning when we woke up, all three of them were down and mom’s new gazebo had already broken.  It turned out to be too windy on Sat. to put them up anyways, but it stinks that she never even got to use her new one.  We had a great time at the party with all of the family.  I counted about 50 people that were there throughout the day.  The kids had a blast playing in the pool and the adults had a great time sitting around watching the kids and drinking.  I had to be a party pooper and leave early so that I could get back to go to work.  The boys came back later with Tanya and Heath.  On Sunday when I woke up, Brad told me that I better check to see what was going on in Eldora because he had heard that some severe storms had come through and slammed into Eldora, which is where my grandma and two uncles live.  Mom called me shortly thereafter and told me that the town was a disaster.  My uncle Randy’s siding is all gone, along with most of his windows and all of his trees.  My grandma faired pretty well with only losing a window.  I guess that’s what 70 mph winds will do with four inch hail.  I talked to my mom again tonight and she had just gotten back from day #2 of clean up and said that she had to be out of the town by 8 pm because there is a curfew in place because it’s still so dangerous and they don’t want looters.  What a mess!  We got lucky here and only had one piece of our siding come off.  Anyways, Brad and Jaxson spent their Sunday evening at Andy and Mindy’s for supper.  Steve and Kris came down too.  The original plan was to bring the boat down and take it for a ride, but with the weather the way it was, that wasn’t going to happen.

Cowboy Jaxson

Jaxson helping Nana put up the tarps.

Tiffany and Jaxson taking a break from swimming to have a snack.

Having a drink with Great Uncle Randy at the bar.

Mom and Mike

My cousin Jamie and Aunt Patty here from Idaho and Oregon for a couple weeks.

Mom’s ready to get in the pool.

Here’s trouble!

Nana Kris and Jaxson

Tired Brady

Jaxson’s New Bathroom

As always our home improvement project turned into much more than we, or I, thought it would.  I thought it would take a week or so at the most to get this done, but I’ve now lost track of how long it’s been.  But anyways, we are happy with the end results and so is Jaxson. 

Before, with the lovely orangish-brown countertop.  I didn’t get a true "before" picture when we had the green and yellow shower curtain, before we turned it into a barnyard.



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