It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

We have been having such beautiful weather, so we’ve been taking full advantage of it.  Today, Jaxson got his Chicago Bears bike back from the bike shop and is now a professional cyclist. . . OK, maybe not quite, but he’s good.  Why was it in the bike shop you ask?  Well, not even 24 hours after opening his present from Papa Mike and Nana Pam, I backed over it with the truck and ruined the seat, rear wheel and one training wheel.  We had just put it back in the garage when Miah came over, so of course Jaxson had to get his new bike out to show Miah.  Well, I didn’t know that he had taken it out of the garage and placed it right behind the truck and left it there and then came inside.  So I went to leave and CRUNCH.  I was so mad at myself, but luckily they were able to fix it.  Before lunch he wasn’t real good at riding, he kept wanting to put the brakes on.  After lunch was a different story.  He’s now riding up and down the sidewalk all by himself and even turning around on his own.  So he is now choosing to ride his bike over his jeep, which is just fine with me because he burns more energy riding his bike.

In other news today, the men in the neighborhood had guys night out.  They were going to go see the new Quintin Tarrantino movie.  They’ve never had a guys night out yet, so I’m glad that they are doing something together.  They must be having a good time because Brad still isn’t home and it’s almost his bedtime 🙂  While the men were gone, the wives got together down at Brandy’s house for some of her famous chocolate chip cookies and to let the kids play.  After it got dark, Jaxson and I headed over to Matt and Ann’s to help celebrate Ann’s birthday.  Matt got her an ice cream cake from DQ, so of course we weren’t going to turn that down.  And I’m not wondering why Jaxson isn’t sleeping yet after eating chocolate chip cookies and ice cream cake. . . it might be a while yet.  Happy Birthday Ann and thanks for sharing your cake!  In yesterdays news, I had another prenatal appointment.  Everything is looking good.  I’m measuring right on and the heartrate was in the high 150’s.  My midwife said, “Wow, he must be running in there.”  They did set me up to go see an OB/GYN to get his opinion on whether I should try a natural birth or just do a C-section. I’ll be interested to see what he has to say.  I’ve also been working on getting the office/spare bedroom cleaned out so that we can start turning it into Jaxson’s new room.  There was a lot of junk that I had to find a new home for. Thank goodness for getting rid of a lot of stuff at the garage sale.  So Jaxson will be moved into the bigger room and we are just going to put the nursery back the same way it was with Jaxson.  Not too exciting, but easy and affordable.

He’s not going to be able to fit in his toy box much longer.

Jaxson’s pets, Crabby and Kirby.  Crabby was a birthday gift from Papa Gary and Nana Brenda.

Happy to have his bike back.

Showing Daddy how good he is.

Oh boy, I hope he doesn’t plan on being goalie.


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  1. Brandy
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 16:20:25

    it’s funny that i do NOT remember those photos of the boys in the goal. where the heck was i?!


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