Captain Jaxson

Another great weekend has come and gone.  On Saturday, Brad had another neuro conference that he had to attend since he arranged most of it.  Luckily this one was in town, so not much traveling involved.  That evening, we had some friends and neighbors over to watch the Iowa game.  Sadly, I couldn’t stick around to have any fun because I had to head off to work. . . duty calls.  It sure would have been a fun game to see as the Hawks pulled off a huge victory against Penn State.  On Sunday, Brad took Jaxson back to Gowrie for the day.  Papa, Nana, Brad, and Jaxson all took the boat to Twin Lakes for a little boat ride.  From the stories that I hear, Jaxson got to drive the boat and boy has that made his year!  When I picked him up from the Kid’s Room today, the girls that work there were telling me how they heard all about how Jaxson got to drive the boat and how he drove it through waves and splashed.  It was also the first thing that Cy (our neighbor) heard about when coming home today.  I think he had some fun.

The end to a fun weekend.


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