“Trick And Treakin”

Tonight was Beggar’s Night or Trick and Treakin’ night, as Jaxson calls it, in WDM and boy did a certain three-year-old score it big.  Despite the crappy weather, we still had fun.  We even had to empty his bucket once just to fit more candy in it.  We had several neighbors buy special treats just for Jaxson; he’s quite the popular guy on the block.  One of our neighbors asked him earlier this week what he wanted for Halloween and Jaxson told her cookies.  So she went to Panera today and bought him a giant chocolate chip cookie; however, her daughter didn’t know it was for Jaxson, so she ate it.  Oh well, that is just fine with me because he got way too much as it is. 

The prep work

The Cat in the Hat ready to get some candy.

Miah dressed up as Dorothy and Amisha was a little sheep.

Jaxson’s friends – Jack and Ben as Thing 1 and Thing 2 (also from The Cat in the Hat), Miah, Morgen as a pretty butterfly, and Baby Gavin as Thing 3.


29 Weeks and Growing

Well, I’m almost 30 weeks and can’t believe it.  I feel really good; I can’t complain, but I do every now and then.  Other than having a hard time breathing and hate picking things up off of the floor, I’m doing well.  The official induction date will be Jan. 5th, unless my favorite midwife is on a day or two after that, then I may choose to delay it until then, we’ll just see. 

29 weeks

Pumpkin Carvin’ Fun

Last night we had our neighbors, Matt, Ann, Miah and Amisha over to carve our pumpkins that we had gotten a couple weeks ago at the pumpkin patch.  We had a great time and the kids LOVED seeing them lit up. 

I bet you can guess who did the Tiger hawk (Brad), mine is the scary/funny looking face, I carved Jaxson’s in the front, Ann did Amisha’s pumpkin and Matt did Miah’s on the far right.  We were pretty proud of the results.

Fall Photo Shoot

Trying to get Mommy with the leaves. . . I’m still finding leaves down my shirt 🙂

Jaxson and his friend Drake.

Holden’s Room

Croup Is Crappy

Brad and Jaxson headed back to Gowrie Friday night so that Brad could go to the last regular season football game for Prairie Valley with his dad.  They were undefeated so far and already headed to the playoffs.  They pulled off another victory, so they have gone undefeated for the season, which would be the first time in school history.  So Brad got to bed pretty late that night at his parent’s house and was awaken by Jaxson around 2 am with a horrible cough, which then turned into stridor and terrible retractions.  So in other words, he was not moving any air.  Luckily, Grandma Kris has been a pediatric nurse for more than 30 years, so Brad ran downstairs and got her.  She immediately said that it was croup and to get him into the bathroom with the shower on.  After the steam didn’t work to relax his airway, Brad took him outside to sit in the cold air.  In the meantime, Grandma was packing a bag to go to the hospital because she had never seen croup this bad before.  Brad suggested they wait a little longer.  After 45 minutes of sitting outside, his breathing improved.  Jaxson slept well the rest of the night, but I can’t say the same about Brad.  It was hard for him to go back to sleep and try to listen for Jaxson breathing at the same time.  I have to say that I am so glad that I was not there because I would have been freaking out.  I would have been right with Kris and going to the hospital.  I can stay calm at work in situations like this, but not when it’s my baby.  So I guess croup is the worst at night and continues to get worse unless they get started on steroids.  On the way home, Brad took him to our walk in clinic and he got a dose of a steroid and also an antibiotic for an ear infection.  He is on the mend now. . . . thank goodness.

Jaxson’s “prize” from Big Papa for eating his green beans.  Little does Big Papa know that Jaxson likes green beans and eats them all the time 🙂

Pictures From A Few Weeks Ago

A couple weeks ago, our family friends Nels and Cindy were in town from North Carolina.  Brad and Jaxson were able to meet up with them for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays.  I was bummed that I couldn’t make it, but it was my weekend to work.  They had a great time catching up and seeing all of the boys (Brad, Andy, Brady, and Jaxson).

Nels and Cindy’s visit to Gowrie: The Carlsons, Pastor Jim and Tammy Davis (Jim is the one who married Brad and I), Nels and Cindy, and Steve and Kris

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