On The Mend

Well, I’m glad to finally say that I think we are all better.  The normal “cold” worked it’s way through our house and I’m glad that’s all it was.  I am still pretty stuffy, but other than that, we are good to go.  Let’s see, this past week was a pretty busy one.  Jaxson spent last weekend with my dad and Brenda.  Brenda, Dru, and Jaxson headed to the Amana Colonies on Saturday and visited a toy store. Jaxson came home with a bunch of goodies.  Dad didn’t get to go because the weather ended up holding out and not snowing in Hubbard like they had predicted, so he had to work.  While Jaxson was in Hubbard, Brad was at the Iowa/Michigan game and had a lot of fun.  The Hawks pulled off another big victory so he was happy.  I worked all weekend, nothing exciting to report there.  Then on Tuesday, Grandma Pam came down and spent the night with us.  We had a good time making a big supper, which Brandon even came down for.  We started our day off fabulously today with all of us sleeping in until 9:00!  Wow, did that feel good!  Then we had a great time watching the Iowa vs Wisconsin game, which Iowa was the underdogs in.  Oh well, we still managed to pull of another victory.  After that game, we headed to Valley Stadium to watch Kade play in the football playoffs.  His Ames team is undefeated this season and also managed to pull off a win in overtime.  So he plays again in the Super Bowl tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are heading to Howell’s Pumpkin Patch for some good fall fun.

One of his goodies from the toy store.  It sure came in handy this week.

Laundry day.  If he keeps it up, he will be able to do laundry all by himself by the times he’s 5.

The t-shirt that Grandma Pam brought back from New Mexico.  I think it’s pretty funny.  It says, “New Mexico – not really new and not really Mexico.”

Trying to stay warm and be silly at Kade’s game.


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