Cupcake Fun

On Wednesday, Jaxson and I went up to Gowrie to spend the day with Papa and Nana Cathcart.  Jaxson had fun making cupcakes with Grandma.  Eventhough the weather wasn’t ideal, we still played outside and had fun.  Jaxson was happy that he got to ride on his Big Wheel and the Cozy Coupe.  We are hoping that there is going to be some better weather coming soon so that we can get out a little more before winter sets in.  UGGHHH! not looking forward to that!

The best part about making cupcakes!

Gotta get it all.

Adding the final touch. . . sprinkles.

YUMMY!!!  Suprisingly, he only took two bites and was done.

Jaxson posing in Grandma’s sweatshirt that she made a LONG time ago.  Mommy didn’t bring a coat for him, so he got to wear this outside.

Riding his Big Wheel.


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