“Trick And Treakin”

Tonight was Beggar’s Night or Trick and Treakin’ night, as Jaxson calls it, in WDM and boy did a certain three-year-old score it big.  Despite the crappy weather, we still had fun.  We even had to empty his bucket once just to fit more candy in it.  We had several neighbors buy special treats just for Jaxson; he’s quite the popular guy on the block.  One of our neighbors asked him earlier this week what he wanted for Halloween and Jaxson told her cookies.  So she went to Panera today and bought him a giant chocolate chip cookie; however, her daughter didn’t know it was for Jaxson, so she ate it.  Oh well, that is just fine with me because he got way too much as it is. 

The prep work

The Cat in the Hat ready to get some candy.

Miah dressed up as Dorothy and Amisha was a little sheep.

Jaxson’s friends – Jack and Ben as Thing 1 and Thing 2 (also from The Cat in the Hat), Miah, Morgen as a pretty butterfly, and Baby Gavin as Thing 3.


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  1. Sue Dubberke
    Oct 31, 2009 @ 20:02:15

    He was the cutest Cat in the Hat. Thanks for sharing your photos. I also thought the fall/leaves pictures were good too. How ’bout them Hawks?! 2 nail biters in a row is a bit much for me. Hope Brad was at Kinnick today. He saw a terrific game…this will be another big part of Hawkeye history.


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