More Random Stuff

I can say that I have officially hit the point in my pregnancy that I am TIRED.  It also doesn’t help that Jaxson is no longer doing naps (most days), but instead doing an hour of quiet time, which is for my mental state rather than for him.  However, he is going to bed at 7:30, which is very nice, but it makes for long afternoons.  I have also hit the point where sleeping is not very comfortable anymore.  I am limited to two positions, the left side or the right side, which stinks because I usually sleep on my back.  With my pregnancy with Jaxson, I never had a hard time sleeping.  I was sleeping through the night without waking up until the very last day, but like my midwife keeps telling me, “Remember Stephanie, things are always different with a second pregnancy.”  Boy is she right.  Anyways, on to some more fun stuff that’s been going on here very recently.  Lastnight, we went to Pump It Up for Rebecca Hinderaker’s 4th birthday party.  Becca is the daughter of my high school friends Clint and Rachel Hinderaker.  We had such a great time.  It is a large place with a lot of huge blow up bounce houses/slides/games.  Not only did the kiddos have fun, but so did the adults.  I had a bit of jealousy when Brad was able to do all of the fun stuff with Jaxson and go through the obstacle course with him. It was also fun to see Jaxson and Becca interact with each other; they are so cute together.  Today, we had the Barrons and the Learys over to watch the Iowa game.  Not quite the outcome that we wanted, but the end score was much better than I thought it would be.  They played much better than I thought they would, which gives me hope for their last game against Minnesota.  Some more exciting news is that we are really working hard on the potty training this weekend.  Jaxson was in big boy underwear all day and did a GREAT job with telling us when he had to go potty.  He even went on his own one time and told us afterwards.  So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that he continues to do so well.  Tomorrow it’s off to church and more family time 🙂

Jaxson and Becca at her birthday party.

Going through the obstacle course.


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