Christmas 2009

Once again I feel that we had a wonderful Christmas blessed with time with family.  Our Christmas fun started on Wednesday when Mom and Mike came to stay with us a little earlier than planned because of the bad storm that was predicted.  Although it never really got that bad here in DM, it was pretty bad in Hubbard with ice.  Wednesday night we went out for supper at Legends and then went to the pet store to pick out some fish for Jaxson to celebrate being 100% potty trained.  He picked out three glofish that are pretty cool and glow in the dark.  He’s pretty proud of them and we are very proud of him.  Yay to no more diapers. . . for a week or two anyways 🙂  On Christmas Eve we went to church at our church and was once again blown away by the message and the music.  We even got to hear Simon Estes sing “O Holy Night,” which was fabulous.  You know it’s something great when there are a few thousand at each service and it takes you 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot.  We feel so blessed to have such a great church and pastors that are focused on the true love of our Lord and are able to preach it in such a way that we get it and it inspires us to live it.  After church we came home and enjoyed some family time and had fun decorating Christmas cookies.  Mom and I made chili and cheeseburger soup for supper, which was yummy and perfect for the crappy weather that we were having.  After supper we had fun watching everyone open presents.  All of us must have been very good this year, as we all got some great and thoughtful gifts.  On Christmas morning it was the adults that were up first and anxiously waiting for Jaxson to wake up so that he could see what Santa had brought him.  He thought it was pretty cool that Santa had eaten most of the cookies and the milk that he put out for him.  He was also very excited that Santa had brought him the rocket ship that he’s been asking for for two months now.  I’m also very excited to use the gift certificate for a pedicure that my wonderful husband got for me.  Now if I can just get that in before Holden comes, I will have the best looking toes on the maternity ward 🙂  Mom and Mike had to leave Christmas morning to try and get home so that they could spend Christmas with my Grandma in Eldora.  Luckily they made it there safely after driving through every type of winter weather on the way.  We were sad that we didn’t get to see Papa and Nana Cathcart on Christmas Day as they had been planning on coming down; however, with the weather the way that it was, it was best that they stay close to home.  We also look forward to having Christmas with my dad and Brenda in January after Holden arrives.  I like that we are able to keep Christmas going for a little while longer.  On Christmas night, we went over to our neighbor’s, Matt and Ann’s, for supper.  Ann made a wonderful meal with salmon and a lamb roast.  I had to go into work Christmas night and was having a great night until I got sick to my stomach around 3:00 this morning.  Don’t worry Ann, it wasn’t your cooking that made me sick 🙂  I wasn’t quite sure if I should head over to the maternity ward or stick it out.  I was having a few more contractions than usual, but nothing impressive, so I decided to wait it out and come home at 7 am.  I feel better after sleeping, but still not “normal.”  So we’ll see what the next couple of days bring.  With it being Christmas time, our patient census always drops pretty low, so I got to stay home tonight since it was my turn and also with what happened last night I didn’t feel too confident about going into work.  Brad and Jaxson enjoyed the day sledding and plan on doing more of that tomorrow.  We hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and have a very blessed 2010.

Jaxson is making sure that Nana isn’t going to be sick for Christmas.

Simon Estes singing “O Holy Night.”

Kade and Jaxson enjoying “Silent Night.”

Wrestling time

Decorating cookies

and of course eating the frosting

Mike and Mom

Devon, Heath, Tanya and Kade

Oh how I hate pictures when I’m pregnant

Time for presents

Tanya and I got Brandon this cool wall hanging for his house.

Mom and Mike’s big gift

A little snack for Santa.

Somebody likes his new rocket.


Merry Christmas!

Christmas Festivities

Well, you can always tell when Christmas is nearing with all of the family get togethers and Christmas parties.  Friday night I had my monthly meal swap with the girls in my neighborhood.  We decided to go out to eat for a nice meal together to celebrate the holidays and just to get out for a nice meal with no kids.  We went to Fire Creek and had a fabulous meal and then did our meal exchange in the freezing parking lot with freezer meals.  Needless to say. . . it was COLD!!!  On Saturday morning we went up to Eldora for the annual Buckley family Christmas.  As always it was great seeing all of my mom’s family and we had fabulous food.  My only complaint was that we had to leave early so that I could get home to nap before going into work, so we couldn’t stick around to play games and chat some more.

Our meal swap group – Brandy, Shondra, me, Ann, Jeriann, Erin, and Crystal.  Missing is Sonya.

Tanya and me with our cousin, Brittany.

Aunt Tracy, Aunt Wendy, and Mom

My cousin Heather with her family, Jeremy, Braden and Lauren.

My grandma pulled a fast one on my mom and Uncle Warren.  I guess they have always joked about being adopted because Grandma never had their birth certificates.  So for Christmas, Grandma presented them with their birth certificates to prove that they weren’t adopted.  It was hilarious 🙂

The happy family

We had to stop by Brandon’s farm to see his new critters.  His new puppy, Tuff, and donkey, Chad.  We also had to pick up accessories for a costume for Brad to wear to a National Lampoon’s Christmas Party on Sat. night.

Can you say, “The shitter’s full!”  Ben and Brad dressed as Cousin Eddie.

Jaxson wanting a picture with Cousin Eddie.

Jaxson Funnies

Since Jaxson hit the great age of three, I feel like parenting isn’t quite as fun as it used to be. . . or maybe I should just say more frustrating.  We never had the terrible twos in our house, but have been blessed with the terrible threes.  Today, however, was a great day for Jaxson and me, so I thought that I would share.  He has been the sweetest and most well-behaved boy today for me, which I am so greatful for.  We went to the mall with our friends Crystal, Morgen, and Peyton and he was perfect, which is NOT what I can say for how he acted a couple of weeks ago when we went.  Today though, he made me laugh and smile a couple times that I think are worth sharing so that I have them "on file" somewhere for the future.  Before we left for the mall, I wrote Brad a note that said "Don’t use the oven.  It’s cleaning."  Jaxson insisted that he take the note with him since he had a handy little pocket in his sweatshirt that he thought it would fit nicely in.  So I let him take that note and I wrote Brad another.  While at the mall the kids wanted to see Santa again.  Jaxson has seen other kids give Santa notes and he even has a basket where all of his letters go.  So Jaxson walks right up to Santa and gives him my note to Brad.  He reads and and says "Hmmmm. . . OK."  I explained the note to Santa and he thought it was cute.  On our way out I reminded Santa not to use the oven and he said that next time he would like some cookies from the clean oven 🙂  The next story made me so happy and proud that it just made my day.  All of us were walking out of Barnes and Nobles when Jaxson said, "Hey Morgen, you know what?  It’s Jesus’ birthday!"  I’ve been trying to teach him what the real meaning of Christmas is and I’m glad to see that he has been listening and is starting to understand.  It’s little moments like these that erase all of the tantrums and pure naughtiness. 

Cathcart Family Christmas 2009

We got to start our Christmas celebrations early with the Cathcart family on Friday.  We always have such a great time because Steve and Kris do such a good job to make it so special every year with the beautiful decorations and awesome food.  It was also nice to have a little. . . or a lot of snow on the ground to make it really feel like Christmas.  On Friday night we had an excellent prime rib supper and had fun opening presents.  It was a lot of fun to watch Jaxson open all of his presents and get so excited about them.  Jaxson also got a special phone call from the one and only Santa Clause. His eyes were huge and he was jumping up and down with excitement after talking to him.  It was priceless.  On Saturday, we took Jaxson roller skating at the Gowrie skating rink.  He did a few loops around with Daddy and did get a little better each time.  I think his favorite part though was watching Brad and Santa roller skate while he sat on the sidelines.  Then that evening, Lisa, Laura, and Adam (her boyfriend) came over for supper.  Poor Karl had to stay home because he was sick.  Jaxson had a blast playing with Laura and Adam.  He had his snow boots on and was all set to go home with them.  On Sunday morning we stopped by the church to grab a bite to eat as Papa Steve was serving up a breakfast and then headed home to unpack and get ready for the week.  Brad started back to work today after being off for three weeks.  He is allowed to do half days this week but no patient care, so he’s getting caught up on his office work.  He went in from 9:30-1:30 today and it exhausted him.  It’s amazing the little amount of activity that it takes to make him tired and ready for a nap.

Anxiously waiting to get into his stocking.

Jaxson got Brady a Spiderman 4 wheeler to cruise around on this spring.  Brady’s very excited 🙂

Andy, Mindy and Brady

He’s excited that he got both Buzz and Woody.

He’s showing off the blanket that Nana Kris made for him.

Working on his new puzzles.

A great Christmas card picture.

Brady getting a ride in his new wagon.

We had to try out Jaxson’s new big boy sled.

The easier way to roller skate.

Getting the hang of it.

What the boys have been doing a lot of lately 😦

Fun In The Snow

We have officially welcomed our first snowstorm of the year. . . and boy is it going to be a doozie.  We’ve gotten somewhere around 7 1/2 in. already and they say the hardest snowfall is yet to come tonight, with the winds starting up also.  It’s a good thing that we have no plans for tomorrow and that Brad doesn’t have to go to work.  I’m thinking it’ll be a relaxing day with a fire and sipping on hot apple cider.  Before the wind picked up this evening, we made it outside a couple times to play and scoop snow.  Jaxson has already informed Brad that he doesn’t want to play in the snow tomorrow because it’s going to be too cold.  I think he’s right 🙂  We do have some good news on Brad to report. . . finally.  He’s feeling much better today and has had no fevers, which would be the first time in over two weeks!  I think the change in medicine has helped.  He even ventured outside today to play a little bit and even to scoop and snowblow.  Hopefully he stays feeling this good and doesn’t have a setback. 

Trying to get Mommy with a snowball.

It’s worth a shot, right?

Brad Update

Well, Brad is still home sick with mono and strep.  We are going on week #3 of this crap.  He had an abdominal ultrasound done today, which we just found out was normal.  He also had his liver function tests redrawn to see if they had improved at all, which they have.  Still far from normal, but they are getting there.  He also went and saw his Dr. again and I wish that visit was as good as his tests, but it wasn’t.  His Dr. said, "Oh shit, you look worse!"  I guess his throat looked much worse than it had last week despite being on antibiotics.  So he is now on a different antibiotic and a steroid for the swelling.  He is still having fevers every few hours when the tylenol wears off.  We are hoping that he kicks this very soon because we are sick of him being sick.  He’s missed out on Thanksgiving and his nephew’s first birthday party, we sure hope that he doesn’t miss out on Christmas 😦  It’s also been hard with me working on the weekends because that puts him in charge of Jaxson while I’m gone at night and sleeping during the day, but thankfully we’ve had a lot of help from family and friends.  We want to say a BIG thank you to our neighbors Matt and Ann who have taken Jaxson for a couple days while I worked/slept and also for snowblowing/shoveling our driveway today.  You guys are awesome!  Also, thank you to Steve and Kris for also taking Jaxson a couple days for us.  That is such a big help because it’s hard to sleep when I feel so guilty about making Brad take care of Jaxson when he can hardly get off of the couch.  Luckily, this next weekend is my weekend off, so hopefully by the time I return to work, Brad will be better. 

Who needs Christmas presents?  We just need the box that the Christmas presents come in 🙂

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