Christmas Festivities

Well, you can always tell when Christmas is nearing with all of the family get togethers and Christmas parties.  Friday night I had my monthly meal swap with the girls in my neighborhood.  We decided to go out to eat for a nice meal together to celebrate the holidays and just to get out for a nice meal with no kids.  We went to Fire Creek and had a fabulous meal and then did our meal exchange in the freezing parking lot with freezer meals.  Needless to say. . . it was COLD!!!  On Saturday morning we went up to Eldora for the annual Buckley family Christmas.  As always it was great seeing all of my mom’s family and we had fabulous food.  My only complaint was that we had to leave early so that I could get home to nap before going into work, so we couldn’t stick around to play games and chat some more.

Our meal swap group – Brandy, Shondra, me, Ann, Jeriann, Erin, and Crystal.  Missing is Sonya.

Tanya and me with our cousin, Brittany.

Aunt Tracy, Aunt Wendy, and Mom

My cousin Heather with her family, Jeremy, Braden and Lauren.

My grandma pulled a fast one on my mom and Uncle Warren.  I guess they have always joked about being adopted because Grandma never had their birth certificates.  So for Christmas, Grandma presented them with their birth certificates to prove that they weren’t adopted.  It was hilarious 🙂

The happy family

We had to stop by Brandon’s farm to see his new critters.  His new puppy, Tuff, and donkey, Chad.  We also had to pick up accessories for a costume for Brad to wear to a National Lampoon’s Christmas Party on Sat. night.

Can you say, “The shitter’s full!”  Ben and Brad dressed as Cousin Eddie.

Jaxson wanting a picture with Cousin Eddie.


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