Date Night With The Black Eyed Peas

Last night Brad and I got to get out of the house to go see the Black Eyed Peas in concert downtown.  Brad’s friend Ben and his girlfriend, Tina, got us the tickets.  LMFAO and Ludacris opened up for them, which we weren’t that fond of, but we did enjoy the BEP.  My mom came down after work to watch the boys and she stayed overnight with us since it was a late night.  Thanks Mom!!  Other than the concert it seems that we are trying to stay busy with play dates and just getting outside, oh and doctor appointments.  Jaxson has yet another bilateral ear infection.  I guess I probably shouldn’t say another because it’s probably the same one that he’s had, but it just hasn’t gone away.  So he is currently on his third antibiotic to treat this and since his other ear drum also ruptured, we are now seeing an ENT on Monday to see if he should get tubes put in. Holden continues to get bigger and cuter everyday.  He’s my little pumpkin.  He’s still getting up 1-2 times/night, but I’m hoping that that will change to 0 pretty soon, as Mama is in need of some good sleep.  Brad is quite busy at work with getting ready for the move to the other floor.  He also got asked to travel to Virginia and Texas to look at new computer charting systems, but turned it down since we have a lot going on here at home, i.e. the kids 🙂  I’m excited for tomorrow because we are getting family pictures taken for the first time since Holden has come along, actually since Christmas of 2008, since I refused to get pics taken when I was prego.  So stay tuned to the blog for those pics. 

brotherly love

yay for bathtime

Jaxson loves to walk around and take pics. Here’s one of them.

Jaxson made a "bed" while waiting for Grandma Pam to come.

Brad and Ben



2 Month Check Up

Holden went in for his two month check up last week and scored an A+.  He now weighs 11 lbs. 1 oz, 37th percentile, and 23 inches long, 55th percentile.  I’m not used to having such a little peanut.  I don’t think Jaxson was ever below 50%.  He continues to get cuter everyday and looking more like Jaxson.  He is now smiling and cooing at us, which is so adorable.  Jaxson continues to love him very much and is such a good helper with him and around the house.  I really think he will be doing laundry by himself by the time he is 4 years old 🙂  Jaxson also made a trip to the Dr. last week for his ears again.  I took him in because I was concerned that he couldn’t hear well.  I had noticed that he was saying "huh?"  a lot more and asking for the TV to be turned up.  It turned out that he had a horrible bilateral ear infection even though he had been telling me that his ears didn’t hurt.  So he was started on antibiotics again and still ended up rupturing his ear drum after being on ATB for 4 days.  So needless to say, we changed his ATB.  He seems to be hearing better now, but I’m sure it’s because one of them ruptured.  I’m sure ready for the nice weather to be done so that we can also be done with these darn colds and ear infections.  It sure has been nice with these 40 degree days lately.  We’ve been taking advantage of them by going on bike rides and walks and reacquainting ourselves with the neighbors.  I think we will even be able to go to our park this week as it no longer is buried in white. 

Some other big news around our household is that Brad’s floor is moving to a different area in the hospital.  This was quite a shock to all of us, but think it will be a good move.  His current floor is going to become the women’s services and plastics floor (i.e. mastectomies, hysterectomies, etc), which is not something Brad is interested in 🙂  So his floor is moving to Powell 5, which used to be the ortho floor.  It’s a beautiful floor that was just recently gutted and remodeled. They are also taking away the general medical neurology (strokes) and making his new floor just neurosurgery and neuro trauma. We are just thankful that he gets to keep doing neuro nursing and that he kept his supervisor position. 

As for me, I’ve been back to work now for 4 weeks and liking that time away, but then ready to be home again.  Brad is surviving with the boys overnight and when I’m sleeping.  Holden actually slept thru the night on Sunday night for him. . . that little turd 🙂  Of course he can do that for Daddy but not me.  He’s been taking them to church so that Jaxson can go to Sunday School.  I think they enjoy their quality time together.  We’ve also been busy remodeling our master bathroom.  We painted it a light blue color and are going to accent with dark brown.  We are just waiting for our new countertop to come in so we can get it finished off.  I’ll post before and after pics when it’s all done. 

A tiring day

My smiley boys

My little homie

An Update Thru Pictures

Nana Pam and Papa Mike stopped by.

Holden is loving his play gym.

Our little dude.

Papa with his favorite boys.

Papa choo choo and Nana Brenda also stopped by for a visit.

We’ve got BIG icicles.

Jaxson’s new favorite hiding spot.

We met Nana Pam in Ames to take her out for lunch for her birthday and Jaxson’s 1/2 birthday.

Jaxson is reading to his baby.

Our little dude starting smiling. Love it!

Auntie Tanya getting some practice in before her little one joins the fam in August. 

Jaxson is protecting his fort.