Jaxson’s Favorites At 3 1/2 Years

Since I don’t do a lot of scrapbooking anymore, this blog has become our way of remembering and recording things in our children’s lives.  So from now on, at every six month milestone in our children’s lives, I would like to post some of their favorite things and random things about them.  So poor Jaxson’s favorite things are going to start when he’s 3 1/2 years and Holden will get to start from the beginning. 

Jaxson’s Favorite:

Color: purple

Movie: Cars and Finding Nemo

TV Show: Little Einsteins

Saying:  "You gotta be kiddin’ me dude."

Toy: Chicago Bears bike

Activity: puzzles

Friend: Jack, Miah, and Morgen

Book: any "I Spy" book

Number: 3

Food: Macaroni and Cheese, pizza, chicken and rice casserole

Candy: M&M’s

Game: Candyland

Cartoon Character: Dora, Diego, Scooby Doo

Activity to do with Mommy: go to the library

Activity to do with Daddy: play silly games, build forts

Song: the ones that he makes up that don’t make any sense to anyone else.


Other Fun Pics

Gotta love bath pics

Another Cubbie Fan

Who’s Who?


Gosh, I thought the boys looked much more alike than what these pictures show.  In case you don’t know for sure, Jaxson is the first one and Holden the second.  I think the two main difference are that Jaxson was a lot chubbier than Holden and Holden has more hair than Jaxson did.  What do you think?

Here’s another one for you:

This one might be a little bit harder.


Jaxson is first again.  It seems that they looked a lot alike in the beginning, but after a couple months they are less alike.  It will be fun to see how the are different/alike down the road.

Jaxson’s Tubes

Just wanted to write a short little something to let you all know that Jaxson had his ear tubes put in yesterday and he did fabulous.  His surgery was at 8:00 and we were home at 8:45.  He slept on the couch until noon and then it was all get up and go after that.  You would have never known that he had something done.  We really hope that this helps with all of his infections. Thanks to everyone for their phone calls, thoughts, and prayers. 

Jaxson’s Bad Week

I had to take Jaxson into the Dr. again on Tuesday for yet another perforated ear drum.  I tell you, these tubes can’t come fast enough.  The good news is that this will not delay him getting the tubes on Tuesday.  Since he perforated again, he is back on antibiotics.  They put him on Bactrim, which is what he was on a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to do the trick; however, this time we think he now developed an allergy to it.  I took him back to the dr. on Thursday because at that time he was running high fevers, had vomitted through the night, had a sunburn-like rash on his face and neck, had red eyes and a viral rash from his neck on down.  So in other words. . . he was much worse.  Our pediatrician was out of the office that day, so we had to see his partner, which she concluded that it was all just a virus.  I had held two of his doses of Bactrim to wait and see what they wanted me to do and they said to restart it, so we did.  The redness had gottten a little better and he was starting to turn the corner until last night again, when the redness was back in full force.  So we just called it quits with the Bactrim and have now concluded that he is allergic to penicillins and sulfa drugs now, which is just great because that doesn’t give us much to work with, except for the pricey drugs.  Jaxson woke up this morning and the redness is gone and the red eyes are definitely improving and we are now trying a different atb, so I guess we will wait and see.

Jaxson not looking his best.

This is Jaxson at 14 months old when he had an allergic reaction to penicillin the day before he was in Tanya and Heath’s wedding.

Check Out Our Pictures

We had family pictures taken over a week ago and they are now posted on her website.  We went to the same photographer that Andy and Mindy have been using.  She is great and I’m very happy with the results.  Now the hard part is trying to decide what to order.  Check them out at sarahmcconnell.zenfolio.com. 

A Couple Important Things

Since I don’t blog near as much as I used to, I have a hard time remembering everything I need to blog about.  With that said, I thought of two other things that I wanted to tell all of my faithful blog readers.  #1 being very exciting.  Tanya is having a girl!!!!  We are so excited for them.  They were really hoping for a girl since they are already blessed with two boys.  Alexandria Lynn will join the family in late August sometime.  #2 is that Jaxson has to have ear tubes put in next Tuesday.  We met with the ENT last week and he said that it’s time.  I know it’s a very simple surgery, but it’s still scary for this mama.  It is nice to know though that he won’t even have an IV, which is what I was really worried about.  Doing both ears will only take about 10 minutes and then the rest of the time, approx. 30-45 minutes, will be spent in recovery and then we should be on our way home.  I’m sure he will be a champ through the whole thing and I know this will help.  I’m excited for him to have all of his hearing back and hopefully fewer ear infections.

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