The Corn Crib

I got a call this evening from my mom who told me that my brother’s corn crib was on fire out at the farm that I grew up on.  It turns out that they were burning some trash on the farm and some ashes got carried by the wind and started the corn crib on fire.  The area where they burn trash is quite a ways from the corn crib, but I guess with the wind just right, it carried it right to the corn crib.  Brandon said by the time the fire department got there, which was only 10 minutes, it was already burnt to the ground, but still very hot.  Brandon was more worried about his house and the barn, so he ran up to the house and got a garden hose and sprayed down himself and then started spraying down the house.  Despite his efforts, the siding, which is all new within the last couple of years, on the east side of the house is all melted, along with some shingles, but it’s still standing 🙂  When the fire department got there, Brandon had them spray down the barn, which is also fine.  Brandon thinks the corn crib is around 70 years old, so it wasn’t in the best of shape, but it did have some of his fence-building materials in it, which is all gone.  I talked to him tonight and he was sitting outside watching it burn still and he realized that with the corn crib gone, he has a pretty nice view to the east 🙂


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  1. bud
    May 18, 2010 @ 15:39:48

    There was no we in burning trash, I guess you could say DAD was burning trash wich makes it that much better.


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