Our Baby Is 6 Months Old!

WOW, I can’t believe that Holden is six months old already.  Is that even possible?!  Our little peanut has brought so much joy into our lives and Jaxson’s.  They adore each other and I absolutely love to watch them interract.  Sometimes when Holden wakes up in the morning or at naptime he will ask me if he can go in and see him.  I let him go in and I stay downstairs to listen to them on the monitor.  Jaxson climbs up on the crib so that he can see him and he usually says, "Hey buddy.  You took a good nap.  You wanna come downstairs?" and then Holden just squeals.  I love it, it’s priceless.  We look forward to so many more of those moments with our boys.  I can say though that I’m NOT looking forward to him becoming mobile.  I will not encourage him to crawl or walk, although that probably won’t be an issue because I’m sure that he will try so hard to keep up with Jaxson.  Now onto Holden’s favorites at six months:

Favorite food:  rice cereal with pears

friend:  Jaxson and Baby Gavin

toy:  teal elephant and his turtle that plays music

comfort item:  burp rag

indoor activity:  playing with Jaxson

outdoor activity:  going for a stroller ride

thing to do with Daddy:  laughing at Daddy while he sings

thing to do with Mommy:  lay on the floor while Mommy jumps in the air and says "boo" in his face

song:  "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

6 month old picture



These two ADORE each other.

Ready to go on a bike ride.

Our little flower child.

Jaxson and Morgen playing Target.

"And your total is $1008" That’s really what he says too.

Holden likes the jumperoo.

He also likes rolling back and forth.

Holden wants to show everyone his two teeth.

Holden is such a good little patient.

Laura and Adam’s Wedding

Last Friday, we loaded up the van and headed to the Amana Colonies for Brad’s cousin Laura’s wedding.  Jaxson was the ring bearer so we had to go to the rehersal on Friday afternoon.  The rehersal went okay with Jaxson, but I was still concerned about how he would do at the wedding.  He walked down the aisle just fine, but then wasn’t able to stand still or stay quiet as he stood up front with the wedding party.  After rehersal, we went to the rehersal dinner at a restaurant in the Amanas, which was excellent.  We left early becuase the kids were getting antsie and there was a bad storm coming.  We actually left right in the middle of the storm, which makes it interesting when you can’t see real well because it’s raining so hard and you don’t know where you’re going and you have a screaming baby.  Lots of fun 🙂  We stayed at the Wasserbahn waterpark hotel, which was fabulous.  The first thing Jaxson and Brad did when we got there was put their swimming trunks on and head towards the pool for an hour.  On Saturday, we spent almost the whole day at the pool until we had to leave for the wedding.  Jaxson went down the 3 story waterslide all by himself about 30 times, and that is not an exaggeration.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw him doing it all by himself.  He LOVED it!!!  I even went down it and was a little scared, but I couldn’t imagine doing it when I was three.  After all of our waterpark fun, we got ready and went to the wedding.  We talked to Jaxson throughout the day about what he was supposed to do.  It was a good thing that we had very little expectations of him and that Laura was not a bridezilla because he sure didn’t impress anyone.  He got away from Brad at the top of the aisle and sprinted down the aisle at the wrong time and then did a little swagger of a walk while making funny faces.  Sure the guests ate it up along with the photographer.  I ended up pulling him aside because I was going to have him go back up and do it at the right time, but he ended up throwing a fit about something.  Then as Laura walked down the aisle and got to the front, the pastor started talking and that’s when Jaxson decided that now he wants to go stand by Laura.  I wouldn’t let him because it would have caused a big scene and I know that he would not have stood still.  So he ended up spending the wedding in the back with Brady.  The wedding was gorgeous and was held outside at Kent Park.  Laura looked beautiful and we were glad that she wanted Jaxson to be part of their special day and that she didn’t care that he didn’t do the best of jobs as a ring bearer.  The reception was held in a barn, which was amazingly beautiful.  Jaxson had fun playing with the other kids there and running around.  It was nice to have most of Brad’s family all together for an evening.  On Sunday morning we had a nice breakfast with all of the family and hit the waterpark for a little longer and then headed home.  It was nice to get home, but it was also a lot of fun getting away for the weekend and having a lot of fun.

"Yep, this seems like a good time to clap."

Ready, Set!

"Here I go!"


He made it!

Holden also loved the pool.

Jaxson is ready to go to the wedding.

Mr. Cool

This sweet smile fools a lot of people 🙂

Holden was fabulous at the wedding.

Uncle Karl and Laura coming down the aisle.

Adam and Laura Engel

Holden was sleeping, so he missed the family picture.

Mr. Cool was a little hot at the reception.

Wow Steve!  You have a bad 5:00 shadow.

Our little boy is gr
owing up so fast!

I don’t even know what to say for this one.

Hubbard Days 2010

Hubbard Days weekend was the second weekend in June and we were able to experience it a little bit this year.  Jaxson actually went up to Hubbard on that Wednesday and stayed with my dad and Brenda until Saturday morning.  He had so much fun.  They took him to the pool everyday so that he could swim and he also got to take a few swimming lessons, which have really helped him.  On that Friday night he was in the kiddie parade and was dressed up as Cat in the Hat and Casper, my dad’s dog, was Thing 1.  I saw a couple pictures that Brenda had taken and they looked adorable.  On Saturday, Jaxson got to be in the big parade again on the pool float.  He was having a blast squirting the parade watchers with squirt guns.  That afternoon, we met up with my mom and Mike at the park and had a picnic with all the kiddos including Kenneth, Connor, and Abbie, who they were keeping for the weekend.  Sue, Jill, Eric, and Baby Julia also joined us at the park so that we could meet Julia.  What a beautiful baby she is and she looks just like her mommy.  It was so great seeing them.  I was sad that we had to cut our time in Hubbard short, but I had to get back to go to work.  Jaxson stayed in Hubbard so that he could stay the night with Grandma Pam and Papa Mike and his cousins.  They had a great time together.  It was so quiet with having Jaxson gone for almost four days, but we sure took advantage of it and got some much needed things done around the house and errands ran that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. 

Abbie, Kenneth, and Connor at the parade.

Waiting for the parade to start.

Jaxson having fun in the parade.

Catching up with Jill and Baby Julia.

Meeting Julia for the first time.

Backing Up To The Start Of June

Oh boy, I still hope that I have some blog followers out there after not blogging for a while now.  My only excuse is that we are way busy.  Yes, I am home all day long with the kiddos, but that does not mean that I have all the time in the world to be on the computer.  The truth is, is that if the computer even gets turned on during the day, it’s around 9 pm after both kids are asleep, the house is picked up, and after I’ve showered and then I only have the time or desire to check my email, other blogs and facebook for a couple minutes.  So. . . that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  So looking back at all of the pictures you haven’t seen yet, it looks like I need to back up all the way to the first weekend in June.  I was working so Brad took the boys back to Gowrie for the day and of course they had just a little bit of fun 🙂

Holden got in the pool for the very first time and he liked it, although it doesn’t look like it in this picture.

Jaxson and Daddy had a good time in the hot tub.



Last Saturday we grilled out at the Case Haub’s and enjoyed Smores over the fire pit.

Yummy smores!

My little helper.

More cuteness

Fun with Papa Steve.

This was Brad’s shirt when he was a little boy.

Memorial Day Weekend

What a beautiful weekend it was.  We headed up north to Hubbard to get out of the city and spend some time with my family.  On Sunday, we had a big BBQ with a lot of our family.  Mike’s daughter Jodi and her whole family also came up, along with Maggie and her boys.  They were minus Jason as he is currently in Germany doing some training before he heads to Kosovo on a peace-keeping mission as a helicopter pilot.  It was great getting to see the kids, Kenneth, Abbie, Connor, and Will.  We had a great time watching the kids play on the slip & slide and shoot their water guns.  The adults had fun playing ladder golf and drinking adult beverages 🙂  It was just a great day.  That evening us four along with Mom and Mike went out to the farm to check out the damage from the corn crib fire and to roast hot dogs and smores over a well contained fire.  On Monday we stopped by the pool to see Dad and Brenda.  Brenda is managing the pool again this summer, so they were working on getting it ready to open.  We then headed back home for some much needed rest from our getaway.  None of us slept well on Sunday night since all of my boys were up frequently.  Jaxson was up twice vomiting from coughing so hard.  So everytime he coughed real hard, Brad ran in to make sure that he wasn’t vomiting all over the place.  Holden didn’t sleep well either because he too has a cold, is teething (he popped his first tooth thru last week), and wasn’t in his own bed.  Brad ended up staying home from work on Tuesday because he didn’t feel well with his terrible cold/congestion/lack of sleep.  Everyone is now on the rebound and gearing up for another nice weekend.

Abbie, Connor, Kenneth and Jaxson

Water fight with Great Aunt Brenda

Well that’s not fair!

Roasting hot dogs with Uncle Brandon

Nana Pam and Papa Mike’s grandkids – Kenneth, Will, Connor, Abbie, Holden and Jaxson

Not quite ready for the exersaucer

Jaxson having a very important conversation with Great Uncle Warren.

What’s left of the corn crib.

A damaged tree nearby.  Notice the right half of the tree is black.

The newly sided garage on the house.  Boy, I didn’t know hostas were that hardy.