This Tuesday we took Jaxson to Adventureland along with our friends Matt, Crystal, Morgen, and Peyton.  We had a great time!  I think it’s been about eight years since Brad or I have been there and Jaxson has never been there.  It was a pretty hot day, but we still had fun desipte the heat.  The kids did fabulous considering how long we had to wait in some of the lines and how hot it was.  The best part was hitting the new, huge waterpark that they have there.  It was AWESOME!  Our pictures pretty much sum up our day. . .

Morgen, Peyton, Matt and Jaxson ready to ride the train.

Waiting in line for the raging river.

The boys in one tube. . .

the girls in the other.

Ready for a little bumper car action.

Peyton didn’t really care for the bumper cars 😦

I lost track of how many times they rode the Frog Hopper.

Brad, Crystal, and Matt rode the Space Shot while I watched the kiddos.  I think I got the better end of that deal. 

Morgen, Matt, Jaxson, and Brad going down this awesome water slide.  I went down it a few times and it was great!

Two buddies ready to call it a day.


Jaxson’s New Bed

We figured it was finally time to get Jaxson out of his firetruck bed and into a big boy bed.  As much as he loved his firetruck bed, he is outgrowing it.  This last weekend we made a quick trip to Homemaker’s and picked out a new big boy bed.  He loves it and has only fallen out of bed once so far 🙂 

Raise The Roof For Jesus!

That was the theme this year for VBS at Hope.  This was Jaxson’s first year of VBS and to say that he had fun is a definite understatement! They had over 4,000 kids attend VBS this year.  Last night was Taste of Hope, which is the Jesus party that they have every year to conclude the two weeks of VBS.  It was fabulous!!!  We went to the church service outside and were lucky enough to have cloudy weather at the time, so it was perfect.  The VBS kids got called up during the service to sing their VBS songs, so I took Jaxson up, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with singing and doing the actions.  He just stood there and made sure that I wasn’t going anywhere; however, later on in the evening, they called the kids up again and he was all about it this time because he got to stand by Miah.  It was so cute!  I will try to figure out how to download the video of it and get that on here.  The music they had this year was great!  When I would go into the worship center to pick up the kids from VBS the energy was just amazing and they would be jamming to the music.  I can’t even explain how awesome it was.  Luckily we got a CD of all of the songs and that’s all we listen to in the van.  Jaxson loves it because he knows all of the songs and they are very catchy.  All three of us have been walking around the house singing or whistling the songs.  So we hung out at Taste of Hope all evening and had a great supper complete with some Iowa sweet corn.  Jaxson did several jump houses and played mini golf.  We also enjoyed some awesome fireworks to end our weekend.  Holden also deserves some mentioning here because he was just the PERFECT baby.  He sat in his stroller all evening and never made a peep and he even enjoyed the fireworks.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of them.  He was also asleep before we got out of the parking lot. . . not kidding.

Jaxson and Miah playing mini golf.

Jaxson going for the hole in one.

Fun with Daddy.

Holden’t first fireworks.

Jaxson’s got the best seat in the house for fireworks.

Baby Shower For Alexandria

As most of you know, my sister and Heath are expecting a baby girl in just four weeks.  In order to help them get ready for her arrival, their friend Steph Jones and I gave them a baby shower on Saturday.  We had it at Okoboji Grill in Ankeny.  We had a great turnout and Alexandria got S-P-O-I-L-E-D. 

Steph Jones, Tanya, and me

Great Grandma lovin’ up on Holden.

Grandma’s turn with Holden.

My Aunt Brenda with the newest member of our family, Isabella.  She is the daughter of my cousin Jacque and her husband, Aaron.

Random Stuff

Steve and Kris took the boys overnight last weekend to help Brad out.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on the blog yet, but Brad has started back to college.  He is taking classes through DMACC, working towards his Bachelor’s in Nursing.  We are very proud of him, but we are finding that it’s sometimes hard for him to get the work done with working 10-12 hour days Mon-Fri and then having the boys all by himself on the weekends. That makes it hard for him to get all of the reading done and take the quizzes and tests online.  Soooo. . . my point here with the picture and all of the rambling, is that Steve and Kris took the boys last Saturday and kept them until Sunday evening so that Brad could get homework done after having one hell of a week at work.  The boys had a blast.  Jaxson tells me that they rode their motorcycles (aka bicycles) all over town.  It’s so funny. . . he will correct us if we say "Jaxson, do you want to go outside and ride your bike?"  He says, "you mean my motorcycle?"  He pretends to push a button to start it and he even makes the vroom noises and then pushes a button to turn it off.  It’s quite comical 🙂 

Jaxson was taking a break from showing Grandma Pam how he does laundry.  Grandma came down and spent the night with us and we had fun doing a lot of shopping.

playing with Daddy after eating supper.  Holden is loving baby food.  I’ve been making my own, which I love doing!  It is so comforting knowing that he is getting organic veggies and fruits. . . and it’s SOOOOOO much cheaper.  I can’t believe that I didn’t do that with Jaxson!  His favorites so far are carrots, mixed veggies, bananas and applesauce.

In other news. . . I finally went and saw an orthopedic surgeon this week for my shoulder pain that I’ve been having for almost two years now.  If you remember from that long ago, it started when I was doing the daycare because I would carry the kids on my left side.  The pain was causing terrible headaches and was making everyday living very painful.  Tanya diagnosed me with having a hooked acromian (I think that’s right), which causes an impingement of the nerves when it gets inflamed.  Well it went away as soon as I was done with the daycare but came back, not as bad though, when Holden arrived and it’s only been getting worse with the bigger that he gets.  So I finally went this last week and got x-rays, which confirmed the diagnosis, and got a steroid shot in my shoulder which has helped tremendously!!!  I feel like a new woman!  The Dr. thinks that with this shot and a little physical therapy, it should take care of it.  If not, I will probably have to have surgery just like Mom, Tanya and Brandon did for theirs.

Funny Sayings From Jaxson :)


Jaxson:  "Daddy is it going to be hot today?"

Brad:  "Yep"

Jaxson:  "Is it going to be greasy hot?"

We make a lot of bacon in this household 🙂


Jaxson woke up Monday morning coughing. . .

Brad:  "Jaxson, you have a nasty cough."

Jaxson:  "Yeah, I getting old."


Jaxson, Holden and I were out on a walk when a police car passed us then immediately turned around and flipped on the lights and sirens and sped passed us. 

Jaxson:  "Uh Oh, he is going to go get the naughty guys and take them to jail." 

Just then another police car passed us going super fast. 

Jaxson:  "Uh Oh, there goes another one."

Me:  "Maybe they are on their way to a car accident to help people because policemen also help people Jaxson."

Jaxson:  "Yeah. . . they help take people to jail."


Holden is whining/crying in the living room while I’m in the kitchen and Jaxson is also in the living room.

Jaxson:  "Holden, you cry like a girl."

Me (laughing):  "Jaxson, why did you say that?"

Jaxson:  "Well he does Mommy.  He goes waa waa and he sounds like a girl." 

Holden’s Six Month Check Up

Just as we figured. . . he’s perfect and you don’t want to argue with a doctor.  Holden had his six month check up this week and he’s weighing in at 17 lbs. 3.5 oz (46%) and 26 1/2 tall (60%).  Looking back at Jaxson’s numbers at six months, Jaxson weighed one more pound and was also one inch taller.  Holden also has four teeth now with a fifth very close and is still a major drool monster.  He is rolling back and forth, but not really getting anywhere so far, which I’m very happy about.  I’m not looking forward to when he becomes mobile.  He has just recently become a mama’s boy who also has separation anxiety.  Oh boy, does that make for a fun time.  It’s cute in a way, but not so cute when I want to get something done.  It’s very hard to believe that he is halfway to the big 0-1 already 😦

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