Raise The Roof For Jesus!

That was the theme this year for VBS at Hope.  This was Jaxson’s first year of VBS and to say that he had fun is a definite understatement! They had over 4,000 kids attend VBS this year.  Last night was Taste of Hope, which is the Jesus party that they have every year to conclude the two weeks of VBS.  It was fabulous!!!  We went to the church service outside and were lucky enough to have cloudy weather at the time, so it was perfect.  The VBS kids got called up during the service to sing their VBS songs, so I took Jaxson up, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with singing and doing the actions.  He just stood there and made sure that I wasn’t going anywhere; however, later on in the evening, they called the kids up again and he was all about it this time because he got to stand by Miah.  It was so cute!  I will try to figure out how to download the video of it and get that on here.  The music they had this year was great!  When I would go into the worship center to pick up the kids from VBS the energy was just amazing and they would be jamming to the music.  I can’t even explain how awesome it was.  Luckily we got a CD of all of the songs and that’s all we listen to in the van.  Jaxson loves it because he knows all of the songs and they are very catchy.  All three of us have been walking around the house singing or whistling the songs.  So we hung out at Taste of Hope all evening and had a great supper complete with some Iowa sweet corn.  Jaxson did several jump houses and played mini golf.  We also enjoyed some awesome fireworks to end our weekend.  Holden also deserves some mentioning here because he was just the PERFECT baby.  He sat in his stroller all evening and never made a peep and he even enjoyed the fireworks.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of them.  He was also asleep before we got out of the parking lot. . . not kidding.

Jaxson and Miah playing mini golf.

Jaxson going for the hole in one.

Fun with Daddy.

Holden’t first fireworks.

Jaxson’s got the best seat in the house for fireworks.


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