Alexandria’s Baptism

Alexandria had her big today at Lutheran Church of Hope.  She was such a good girl throughout all of the festivities.  We all went to church together this morning with the baptism following afterwards.  We then headed to Legends for a celebratory lunch.  Here’s a look at her day thru pictures. . .

The boys playing some ball before church.

Papa Choo Choo entertained Holden through the service.

Great Grandma telling her she did a great job 🙂

Jaxson’s idol

The Main family

Jess (Brandon’s fiance) with the goofball

Alexandria’s sponsors

Papa Mike and Grandma Pam

Great Grandma

4 Generations

Papa Choo Choo and Grandma Brenda

Brandon and Jess

Papa with his little girl 🙂


Happy Halloween

Shrek and Puss ‘n Boots ready to go trick or treating 🙂

and so is the blue crayon (Gavin) and Spiderman (Jack)

Clifford (Benjamin) is not quite ready to go yet.

Mr. Monkey (Luke) is ready to go find some candy.

Let’s check back in with Clifford. . . nope, still not ready to go 😦

The Shrek family – Shrek, Puss ‘n Boots (or if you ask Jaxson it’s Piss ‘n Boots :)), Fiona, and Dronkey (a love child between the donkey and dragon).

Looking for more candy

Holden is 10 months old today!

Saturday Fun

Of course we had to put our Hawkeye gear on . . .

This morning we had Jaxson’s good buddy Morgen’s 5th birthday party at the park.  It was a lot of fun.

There was a lot of pinata fun.

Matthew, Jack and Jaxson on a sugar high

Holden had fun too.

Jaxson playing "pin the tail on the donkey."  I think he wins the award for the farthest away from the donkey’s behind.  His was the one not even on the poster.

2nd Annual Cathcart/Barron Pumpkin Carving Night

Here’s some pumpkin caring fun. . .

Ready to do some carving.


Ann is working on her masterpiece.

Miah and Brad in deep concentration

AB was the supervisor

Miah and Ann’s final product

Brad’s, mine and Jaxson’s

Preschool Halloween Party

Jaxson had his Halloween Party at preschool on Tuesday.  Holden and I volunteered to help out by taking pictures (go figure :)). The kids had a great time playing the cute games they had and they loved all of the prizes that they got. 

Jaxson playing a little mini golf

Jaxson and his buddy Eli

Jaxson’s preschool class along with his teachers Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Gray

Hy-Vee Ad


What’s Goin’ On

This is going to be a mumbo jumbo blog posting about anything and everything that I can think of that has gone on since I last posted.  Just a lot of random stuff. . .

The first big thing was that we got the Case Haubs moved into their apartment emoticon.  They finished moving everything last Wed. with the help of the guys and the trucks.  While the men did all of the heavy lifting, the women and kiddos hung out at our house and had pizza and played outside.  It was pretty much just another block party.  It was a lot of fun and a nice last evening with the Case Haubs. 

Jack, Morgen, Jaxson and Benjamin enjoying pizza.

Brandy (just moved), Erin (moved a few months ago) and Crystal (just sold their house so they will be moving soon).  I am so lucky to have lived by these three awesome women and have gotten to know them so well.   Don’t worry, it’s not terribly sad though because we still see each other about every other day.

Off roading

Saturday was the Iowa vs Wisconsin game and of course Brad was there. Unfortunately, the Hawks couldn’t pull off a victory, but oh well, life goes on.  I worked on Friday night, so Papa Steve and Grandma Kris came down in the morning to watch the boys while I slept.  They had a great time playing outside and going to KFC for lunch.  In the evening, Papa Mike and Grandma Pam came down to see us.  We went out to supper at Legends and then did a little shopping afterwards.  Then it was home to put the boys to bed so the adults could play some cards.  It was a fun evening. 

It’s surprising they get along so well 🙂

This kid really needs a bath after every meal.  He likes to wave his arms around and swat at the spoon, hence the messiness.

One of Holden’s favorite toys. . . the toaster oven.  Don’t worry, it’s always unplugged.

so cute

Jaxson is doing amazing at writing his letters.  This is my name that he wrote.  He hasn’t quite gotten the concept of writing left to right yet.  His philosophy is that you just put the letter wherever there is a spot on the page.

Jaxson making the dinner rolls.

Jaxson’s Hy-Vee ad comes out this Wed.  I hear it’s pretty cute.

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