Coming and Going

Since the Hawkeye football season has started, our weekends seem like they are so busy with us coming and going and trying to figure out who is going to watch the kids, when and where.  This last weekend Brad went to the game in Iowa City and took our old neighbor, Wayne, with him.  They left Saturday morning and dropped off Wayne’s camper outside of Iowa City so that they could just camp after the game instead of driving back to DM at midnight.  Since I also worked this weekend, I met Brenda in Ames so that her and Dad could watch the boys for us and keep them overnight.  I was kind of nervous because it was Holden’s first night away without one of us with him.  Of course I was nervous for no reason because he did great overnight, from what I hear.  Jaxson had a blast with Papa and Nana by making cupcakes, going on a walk to the park, and he kind of got to go camping also.  Him and Dad watched movies in the camper until they fell asleep.  On Sunday, Dad took Holden to church with him and Brenda took Jaxson.  Then it was back to Ames that afternoon to meet Brad to do the switcharoo.  On Sunday afternoon, Papa Steve and Nana Kris also came down to visit. 


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