Fun Times

Holden loves to race around the house with a little help.

It’s time to chase Jaxson.

"Maybe I can catch him this way."

"Come back here Jaxson!"

Jaxson has been making his own breakfast lately. . . cinnamon toast.  Yay for independence!!

"Jaxson, are you going to wake up? It’s supper time."

Our newest toy.  A gift from our friends, the Hoffmans, since they sold their house and didn’t want to take the swingset with them.

tickle time!!!


Mohawk baby


So Much To Be Thankful For

We hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with their loved ones.  We spent ours in Hubbard with my mom, Mike, Grandma, Wendy, Warren, Julie and Papa Steve even came over (Nana Kris had to work).  We had a wonderful meal and we enjoyed playing games afterwards.  Later that evening we stopped by Papa Choo Choo’s and Grandma Brenda’s to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.  We stayed overnight at Mom’s and Brad, Holden and I came back on Friday and both Brad and I got a little Black Friday shopping in :).  Jaxson stayed with Grandma Pam an extra night and ended up getting sick and having to come home a little early 😦 

Nana Pam with her boys.

Aunt Julie and Aunt Wendy taught Jaxson how to play Dominos.  He now LOVES it!

The trytophan has kicked in.

Fun playing games.

Fun with Papa Steve

Goin’ for a horsie ride.

The Holidays Have Begun

We went back to Gowrie this last weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving a little early with the Cathcarts.  Steve’s sister, Sandi, and her whole family was also able to celebrate with us.  It was very nice getting together with everyone and for the kids to play.  They had a great time!

The cousins – Jaxson with Holden, Addison, Brady, and Brody

They had a lot of fun playing together.

"Is this good beer?"

"Mmmmm this one’s better."

Brady says, "No, my beer!"  He actually said that too; it was quite hilarious.

Holden: "Mmmm you’re right Brady; this is good."

Poor Jaxson was talked into trying this dress on 🙂  Kim (Steve’s niece) brought this with her to Thanksgiving. It was her flower girl dress for Steve and Kris’ wedding. 

Papa reading Brady a bedtime story.

Another messy meal picture.  Holden loves to squish bananas in his hands then rub his hands in his hair.

Quote From Jaxson

Jaxson:  "Mommy, do you know why Holden picks food off the floor and puts it in his mouth and it goes to his tummy?" 

Me:  "Why?"

Jaxson:  "Because him’s a vacuum."

The Last Nice Day?

Wow, have we been spoiled or what?  I think for about a month now I’ve been saying, "We need to get outside because today is probably going to be the last nice day."  Mother Nature keeps proving me wrong, which is just fine with me; however, I have a feeling that today was probably the last nice day emoticon.  So, to say goodbye to fall, we spent most of the day outside yesterday in t-shirts doing yardwork and playing with friends. 

Holden took his first ride in the jeep and he LOVED it!

He was squealing and giggling 🙂

Luke also got his first ride in the jeep and he also LOVED it.  The kids also had to break out the sled.  They’re just a little confused since we had snow on the ground at this time last year.   

Some Of The Boys’ Favorite Things

Puzzle time


Holen LOVES to be under the table.  It’s a jungle gym for him and he also finds a lot of good crumbs under there. 🙂

He also loves to play with the recycle stuff.  He dumps it all out then eats the paper 🙂

Example of the jungle gym

What kid doesn’t love bath time?

Jaxson’s new favorite thing is coloring. 

Of course he loves playing with the dishwasher.

I don’t know what this picture is about, but thought it was funny.

"I LOVE spaghetti!!!!"