So Much To Be Thankful For

We hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with their loved ones.  We spent ours in Hubbard with my mom, Mike, Grandma, Wendy, Warren, Julie and Papa Steve even came over (Nana Kris had to work).  We had a wonderful meal and we enjoyed playing games afterwards.  Later that evening we stopped by Papa Choo Choo’s and Grandma Brenda’s to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.  We stayed overnight at Mom’s and Brad, Holden and I came back on Friday and both Brad and I got a little Black Friday shopping in :).  Jaxson stayed with Grandma Pam an extra night and ended up getting sick and having to come home a little early 😦 

Nana Pam with her boys.

Aunt Julie and Aunt Wendy taught Jaxson how to play Dominos.  He now LOVES it!

The trytophan has kicked in.

Fun playing games.

Fun with Papa Steve

Goin’ for a horsie ride.


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