First Christmas Program

Jaxson had his first Christmas program at church on Sunday and boy was it adorable 🙂  I didn’t think he was going to get on stage because that morning he told me that he just wanted to stay home and that he wasn’t going to go on stage.  I told him that was fine and that he could just stay by daddy, since he was teaching his class that week.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him walking down the aisle and he got right up on that stage with the biggest smile on his face.  He sang the first song well and did all of the actions, but he didn’t seem to know the second one very well; it was a fast one.  He was so cute standing up there with a huge smile and we even got a few waves from him. . . love it.  The older kids did a cute skit that involved a reporter reporting on a breaking news story (the birth of Jesus).  The reporter was played by Eric Hanson from Channel 8 and he was hilarious!  At the end of the program the kids sang "Baby Baby Baby Oh Baby" by a Justin Bieber lookalike and it ended with Eric rapping. I am waiting for it to be posted on You Tube because it is definitely worth watching again. 

Jaxson is in the blue and gray striped sweater.

Eric Hanson channeling Justin Bieber.

The star calling his peeps.


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