What’s Going On At Our House. . .

not much, that’s for sure.  I haven’t blogged for a little while since we’ve been quite boring lately.  I think the most exciting things that are going on here are that Holden had an ear infection and most likely strep (we chose not to have his throat swabbed since he was going to be treated anyways).  He is better now, but now they both have runny noses. . . tis the season.  Brad has also started back to work on his Bachelor’s.  He is now taking classes through USI (University of Southern Indiana) so that is keeping him busy on weeknights.  Otherwise, I will just update you through photos. . .

Jaxson and I play Dominos every afternoon when Holden is napping. 

We went to the Science Center last week with our friends.  This is one of Holden’s besties.  If Crystal is around he doesn’t want anything to do with anyone else, including Mommy.

Holden’s way of sweeping.

Helping Mommy

We watched the Bears lose emoticon

My little punkin

This is Jaxson being a statue.

Oreo boy

Jaxson getting ready to leave for preschool. He said, "Call the Bears. I’m comin’."  I don’t know where he got that from but it was too funny.


This Week @ Our House

We celebrated two more birthdays this week, Papa Steve’s and Andy’s.  We all went out to eat on Wednesday to Famous Dave’s and then went back to Andy and Mindy’s house for cake.  Nana Kris made a delicious red velvet cake.  YUM! emoticon   The little boys had a blast playing together.  It’s getting to be so fun with Brady getting older that he and Jaxson can now play more together.  I’m sure it will be crazy in a year or so when Holden adds to the mix and chaos. 

I don’t think I’ve blogged about Brad’s problem lately. He’s been sick with an ear infection since Christmas.  After the infection went away, he still had a lot of fluid and pressure stuck in his ear making it painful and hard to hear.  He went to the ENT for the second time this last week and he tried to put a tube in his ear; however, he wasn’t able to get it in because Brad has a curvy ear canal making it very difficult to do it while he’s awake.  Instead, he just ruptured the membrane to get the fluid out.  Brad says that he feels much better with the pressure and pain being gone, but the procedure was not very fun. 

The boys playing ball.

Blowing out their one candle.

Here’s some random photos from the past couple of weeks:

Holden likes to play in the little spot between the stair and gate.  Thank you for baby gates!

Hmmm. . . you think Holden wants some pizza?

Jaxson was a HUGE help to me at the grocery store last week and in the van on the way home he told me that he wanted to put all of the groceries away all by himself, which he did!  He so reminds me of me when I was younger.  I would wait for my mom to get home from the store so that I could put everything away.   Silly I know, but it’s a type of organizing and I LOVE to organize.

Holden’s First Birthday Party!

We celebrated Holden’s first birthday party on Sunday with all of our family.  Everyone was able to make it except for Tanya’s family because Alexandria came down with the flu and pink eye and Tanya also wasn’t feeling well. 😦  I think Holden had a great time!  He didn’t seem as overwhelmed as I remember Jaxson being at his first party.  We had pizza and a Mickey Mouse cake.  He didn’t quite know what to think of the birthday cake with candles and everyone looking at him and singing.  He just looked at everybody and then clapped right along with them.  He enjoyed his piece of cake too!  He picked it right up and started in on it and ate almost all of it.  He got a lot of nice gifts too, which big brother helped him with of course.  Thank you to all of our family and the Barrons (let’s face it, you are family too :)) for making Holden’s day so special. 

Awww. . . too cute.

Jaxson says, "I’m a cowboy.  Comin’ to Texas" in his southern drawl.

All of Holden’s present opening helpers.

Holden’s new growth chart.

Holden’s birthday cake.  This one only took me 3 hours.

Is somebody getting sleepy?

"Mommy, why are these people staring at me and singing?"


There’s our cutie 🙂

Papa Choo Choo and Nana Brenda

Silly Brady

The birthday boy in his birthday suit.

Merry Christmas. . . Again

On Saturday we went up to Hubbard to celebrate Christmas with Mom and Mike.  Mom still had her tree up and the house all decorated for us.  We had a great time opening presents, eating, playing games and eating some more. 

Grandma Pam with her grandbabies

Tanya and a little sick Alexandria 😦

Jaxson with his bestest cousin Kade

"Look what’s in here!"

Uncle Brandon keeping Holden entertained with a toothbrush and a piece of wrapping paper.

Holden on his new firetruck.

Alexandria sitting in her new rocking chair.

Aunt Jess with Holden

Papa Mike got a big rock for Christmas

My favorite baby girl

How we all felt by the end of the day.

Holden At 1 Year Old

Holden had his 1 year check up yesterday and is doing fabulous.  He weighs 21 lbs 12 oz (35%) and is 29 3/4 in. (51%).  I think that I’ve forgotten to mention that he has started walking.  He’s been walking for a couple weeks now and is starting to prefer it over crawling.  One of our big goals right now is trying to wean him off of the bottle, which is going well so far. We’ve cut down to three bottles a day, one with each nap and at bedtime.  He is a very good sleeper for us, although I kind of wish that he would sleep in a little later than 6 am.  He’s still doing two good naps a day and is usually in bed at 6:30 pm.  Tonight he was getting kind of cranky and I asked him if he was ready to go nigh nigh and he started whining, pointing upstairs and waving bye bye to Brad.  We are also trying to get him to eat more table food.  He still likes all of the mushy food that needs to be fed to him.  I’m ready to be done making baby food and ready for him to feed himself 🙂 

Holden’s favorites at 1 year old:

Food: bananas, yogurt, applesauce, Graham Crackers

Toy:  ball

Lovey:  monkey

Friend:  Jaxson

Activity to do with Mommy:  cuddle

Activity to do with Daddy:  play chase

Activity to do with Jaxson: play chase

Book:  Brown Bear Brown Bear

Word:  "mama" "Pssst" (he says this as he goes around the house pointing to things)

After his bath with his new hooded towel.

Big Brother in his hooded towel.

Holden reading his favorite book.

We had his one year pictures taken today.  It was a struggle, but we got some good ones.

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year!! We hope that everyone had a very safe and happy new year.  We spent the evening at home playing Wii and Uno Attack.  Brad and I rang in the new year at 11:00 when the ball dropped in New York and called it good enough. 

Jaxson takes his Uno Attack game very serious.

Jaxson is quite good at boxing.  He knocks Brad and I out in 5 seconds. . . no joke.