What’s Going On At Our House. . .

not much, that’s for sure.  I haven’t blogged for a little while since we’ve been quite boring lately.  I think the most exciting things that are going on here are that Holden had an ear infection and most likely strep (we chose not to have his throat swabbed since he was going to be treated anyways).  He is better now, but now they both have runny noses. . . tis the season.  Brad has also started back to work on his Bachelor’s.  He is now taking classes through USI (University of Southern Indiana) so that is keeping him busy on weeknights.  Otherwise, I will just update you through photos. . .

Jaxson and I play Dominos every afternoon when Holden is napping. 

We went to the Science Center last week with our friends.  This is one of Holden’s besties.  If Crystal is around he doesn’t want anything to do with anyone else, including Mommy.

Holden’s way of sweeping.

Helping Mommy

We watched the Bears lose emoticon

My little punkin

This is Jaxson being a statue.

Oreo boy

Jaxson getting ready to leave for preschool. He said, "Call the Bears. I’m comin’."  I don’t know where he got that from but it was too funny.


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