A Lot of Hodge Podge

Not much going on here this week.  Here’s some pictures for you to enjoy 🙂

Holden enjoying a train ride.

He likes it when Jaxson pushes him too.

Holden now loves to "help" me do the dishes.  If I’m working in the kitchen, which is pretty much 80% of my day, he has to be right there with some water and dishes in the sink to play with. 

Is this a basketball?

On the go

Giving his pillow pet some lovin’.

At the sink once again.

Seriously Dad. . . pictures this early in the morning. 


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Today I had my very first parent-teacher conference.  Wow!!  Can’t believe that I have a child old enough for me to have conferences.  We feel so lucky to have gotten the preschool teachers that he did.  These ladies are AMAZING!!  I helped out in the classroom one day and got to see what they did and I was blown away.  They are over the top cheesy and all hugs and warm fuzzies; just what preschoolers need.  They are also so creative, which is what I love, because I am not at all.  Anyways, they had all good things to say about Jaxson.  They said that he is the leader and arbitrator of the class emoticon.  We got this awesome portfolio of Jaxson’s work and a ton of pictures of him doing stuff at preschool. . . priceless. 

I’ve been told that I forgot to put Jaxson’s preschool picture on here.  This was taken last October.

Prayer Request

If you’re one of our loyal blog followers, you may remember this last fall I posted about my friend and co-worker, Sharon.  I have worked with Sharon for 11 years now and I also took care of their youngest daughter, Lily, in my daycare.  Well, this last October their brand new home that Tony built burnt to the ground.  They lost EVERYTHING, including their vehicles.  They found out that the fire started in the garage due to an electrical error.  Tony did not do the electrical work!  Things seemed to be moving right along on their new home, which they were building in the same spot as the last one.  They were one month from moving in and Sharon was so excited to get the girls back in a home and out of the tiny rental house that they are currently in.  On Tuesday, it all came crashing down. . . literally.  A tornado struck down and brought the new house down.  Tony barely escaped with his life.  Luckily Sharon and the girls were not there.  If you would like to check out the story that Channel 13 ran, here it is: http://www.whotv.com/who-story-tornado-damage-03232011,0,4420566.story.  Or the story in the Des Moines Register  http://www.desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2011110323026.  So if you can think of the Santoro family when you say your prayers tonight that would be greatly appreciated. 

Brotherly Love

I know I’ve said before that Jaxson is a good big brother, but have I said how he is a GREAT big brother!  He LOVES Holden so much and is constantly telling him "I love you buddy" "You’re my favorite boy Holden" "You’re my little Holdie" "You’re my cute baby."  I think he tells Holden that he loves him more in one day than I do.  Now don’t get me wrong, I tell Holden that I love him, but not every 30 mins. like Jaxson does.  It’s also adorable how he talks to Holden.  He gets that high-pitched voice like adults do when they talk to babies and Holden just eats it up.  He is also very protective of him, which just warms my heart.  They are just two peas in a pod.  Jaxson’s new thing is how he loves to rhyme.  At supper tonight, he was rhyming word after word and then he said, "Hey, how about this one.  I want another brother.  That rhymes."  🙂 

Goin’ in for a little smooch emoticon

Spring Break Staycation

With two little kiddos, we aren’t much of spring breakers; however, we did decide to get a little wet and wild and head across town to the Castaways Waterpark for a little fun.  We got a hotel room last Thursday night and we had a blast playing in the water and going down the slides.  We even took Kade along with us so he could also have some spring break fun.

Holden and Daddy enjoying the baby area.

Jaxson going down the kiddie slide.  This was nothing for him.  He went down the two big slides that they had too, but I have so say that they don’t even compare to the waterslides at the Wasserbahn waterpark or the Dells.

This was Holden’s favorite spot.

Jaxson and Kade had fun "wrestling" in the bigger pool.

Jaxson getting a ride.

Spring Has Sprung!

We are LOVING this weather!  We have been getting outside as much as we can to soak up the sun. 

We got the bounce house out for the first time yesterday!

Jaxson and Miah enjoying the swing set.

Holden kicking the basketball around.

Holden doing a little mowing.

Sandbox time

Holden loves the sandbox.

A Fun Week

Holden has also become quite the "helper" around the house.

Holden has designated this spot as his book reading spot.  He picks out a book and brings it here and sits down to "read" it. 

Holden also LOVES to color.

Deep in concentration.

Nana Pam came down and stayed overnight on Thursday night so that Brad and I could have a FREE date night.  We had a free dinner and free CEU’s at Biaggi’s.  Can’t beat that!!  Thanks for coming down Mom!

Our goofball

Snack time sillies

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