On The Mend

Boy, I am sick of ear infections, fevers, antibiotics, ear drops, etc. . . Holden is back on another 10 day course of antibiotics for another bilateral ear infection with the left one being ruptured and just waiting for the right one to rupture again.  I kept Jaxson home from preschool today because he spent the day on the couch yesterday with a fever and it continued a little bit today, but as the day went on, he was getting back to normal.  I am ready for the warmer weather and for some major outside time.

Jaxson listening to Holden’s lung sounds. . . nope, no wheezes emoticon

Holden is ready for a 3D movie.

I was trying to get a picture of Holden as he was laying/cuddling with his stuffed animals on the floor, but everytime he sees the camera now he runs for it because he loves looking at the pictures and videos.

This is a rare sight at our house. . . Jaxson sleeping during the day.  This is how I know that he is truly sick.

On the mend and on the go today emoticon


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