Yay. . . It’s Warm Outside!

This kid loves the sandbox!

Jaxson and our neighbor, Max, having a good laugh.


More Easter

The boys getting into their Easter baskets.

We met Papa and Nana Cathcart at a restaurant in Ankeny on Tuesday and then went back to Andy and Mindy’s house so they could give the boys their Easter baskets.

All the boys got some cool Hawkeye clothes.


Happy Easter!

Jaxson loves the Easter Bunny, but Holden didn’t want to have anything to do with him.

He Is Risen!

We started our Easter celebrations today.  Brad took the boys to an Easter egg hunt this morning and from what I hear, Jaxson left with a lot of "loot."  They had a lot of fun.  Papa Choo Choo and Nana Brenda came early this afternoon to see the boys and give them an Easter basket.  Then Papa Mike, Nana Pam, Heath, Tanya, Kade and Alexandria came down and we all went to Easter service at Hope.  It was a powerful service with a wonderful message and great music.  We then came back to our house and the guys grilled up some great meat and we enjoyed a fabulous meal together.  I hope that everyone is able to celebrate Easter and remember that He is Risen!!!

Papa Choo Choo and Nana Brenda with their grandbabies.

Jaxson was actually happy despite what the picture shows.

The kiddos with Papa Mike and Nana Pam.

The Mains

Jaxson looking through one of his Easter baskets.

This ball couldn’t quite fit in his Easter basket.

This Week At Our House. . .

we sure didn’t do much.  We’ve kind of been stuck inside again.  Between the colder temps and the rainy days, we’ve been finding things to keep us entertained.  Here’s what we came up with. . .

Since Jaxson got a taste of warm weather and got to wear shorts, he now doesn’t want to take them off.  This is his "cool clothes" that he wears everyday everywhere, including the hat, necklace and sunglasses.  He went to preschool like this and several other places.  Oh well, I don’t care.  He dresses himself and that’s all that matters to me.

We played Monster Trucks, which is actually pretty fun. This Monster Truck can jump over a pillow pet!

Holden helped Miah with her math homework before school.

We made some yummy butterbrickle pudding.

Can’t forget to clean our ears.

We also decorated Easter eggs 🙂

Not Much Going On. . .

just pictures for you.

Heath and Alexandria stopped by last week for a short visit and Jaxson LOVED seeing her.

Holden looking at his new favorite book.  A pop up book that plays sounds from the jungle.

Jaxson fed Holden his lunch today, not that we feed Holden anymore, but Jaxson insisted.

Go Cubs Go!!

Hanging upside down and getting tickled 🙂

Friday Happy Dance

If you haven’t seen it or heard about it yet, Jaxson was Channel 13’s Friday Happy dancer yesterday.  He was all about making a "dance video" for Jeriann, Holden however, was not too excited.  Holden is usually more of a dancer too, but I guess I just caught him at a bad time.  Here’s the link for you to see it if you haven’t already:  http://www.whotv.com/weather/happydance/.  You have to scroll down a little bit and click on the one that’s next to Cubbie Bear.

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