Our Wonderful Weekend

That is an understatement!  For the first time. . . well, I can’t even think of how long, Brad and I had a weekend to ourselves.  Nana Pam and Papa Mike wanted the boys for the weekend and we just so happened to plan it on my weekend off, so voila. . . a weekend to ourselves 🙂  We sure took advantage of it too.  On Friday evening we went out to dinner at Christopher’s then to a movie, Lincoln Lawyer, which was excellent.  On Saturday morning we slept in and then went to Panera for breakfast.  We then went bike shopping for me and now I have a new bike and I LOVE it!  We’ve already been on two family bike rides.  Saturday afternoon we stuck around the house and did some odds and ends jobs and got a lot done.  That night we met up with our friends, Chad and Jodi, for some drinks and had a great time.  We slept in again on Sunday morning and then the boys came home just in time for all of us to go to church.  The boys had a lot of fun at Papa and Nana’s and if Jaxson had any say in it, he would have stayed longer. 

Having fun at Papa and Nana’s

"Nana, you take my picture while I strangle myself with these beads."

Papa reading to Holdie.

Looks like Jaxson is having fun playing outside.

So is Holdie.


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