Pedicure Night With The Girls!

This last Tuesday, most of us meal swap girls all went out and got pedicures.  The staff at Helen’s Nails had to bring out a three-tiered cart to hold all of the food and wine that we brought emoticon.  We had a blast and what perfect timing before the wedding.

Jeriann, Brandy, Gina, and Crystal

I couldn’t fit them all in one shot, so there is Erin on the end.

Ann and me


Jaxson’s First Tractor Ride

I forgot to post these pictures that I got off of Kris’ camera in March.  Jaxson got to ride in Papa Steve’s friend, Nathan’s, tractor.  Had had a great time!

"Here we go!"

A couple other pictures from their weekend in Gowrie.

Go figure, Holden playing in the sandbox.

“I Love Cookies”

Jaxson opened his own cookie restaurant today called "I Love Cookies."  We made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, which he did most of, and he decided that he would be "the worker" and serve his cookies.  It was adorable.  When Holden got up from his nap, Jaxson insisted on serving him a cookie and some water.  Holden and I weren’t even allowed in the kitchen.  Jaxson then served me a cookie and I said, "Jaxson, aren’t you going to have a cookie?"  His response, "No, I’m the worker."  And he never did have a cookie.  Holden and I proceeded to eat our cookies while Jaxson cleaned up his kitchen, crumbs and all.  He even put up some decorations in the kitchen and has now made my fruit bowl a magazine holder that is the new centerpiece of our kitchen table.  emoticon  Holden was then giving us cues that he was done.  Jaxson came over to me and asked, "What’s his name?"  I started laughing and said, "Jaxson, you know what his name is." Jaxson said, "No, I’m the worker.  I don’t know his name."  I then told him that his name was Holden and Jaxson then helped Holden get cleaned up and down from his chair. 

The worker

The worker cleaning up his customer.

He’s pretending to be on the phone telling a customer how to get to his restaurant.  He said "First, you go straight,  then you turn, then you get on the fast road (the interstate).  Then you’re here." 

Our Latest Project

I’ve been getting the itch to get our landscaping done.  My first idea for the south side of our house was to dig everything up and plant a garden.  This has been my idea for a couple years now.  I decided to landscape it instead and plant perennials.  I’m all about perennials!!  I want to eventually have all perennials and not have to worry about planting flowers every spring.  So this was how the south side looked before. . .

beautiful isn’t it?  emoticon.  It was such an eyesore.

It became my throw all spot for all the flowers that Kris gave me that I knew that I wanted but just didn’t know where I wanted to put them.

This is what it looks like now. . . emoticon.  I have some ornamental grass in the middle back.  This will eventually be 5 ft tall.  The bushes on each end are weigela.  These will also get to be about 5 ft x 5 ft and with purple/pink flowers.  The three in the middle are mums that my mom gave me for my birthday and Mother’s Day.  Before we resided the house several years ago, there were three HUGE mums in this spot; however, the siding guys stomped them to pieces and they never came back.  So I’m really really hoping that they do well and they come back next year. 


Jaxson’s Last Day Of Preschool

For Jaxson’s last day of preschool, we had a picnic at a park with his teachers and all of his classmates.  We had a perfect day and perfect weather for it.  It was a bittersweet occasion.  The kids and parents had so much fun, but yet it was their last day of preschool and all of them playing together and it was Mrs. Johnson’s last day of preschool forever, as she is retiring.  I would love for her to stick around and wait for Holden, but she said that she hadn’t even planned on coming back for this year, she felt that she wasn’t quite done. . . but now she is. 

The kids presented Mrs. Johnson a scrapbook with special drawings and pictures from all of the kiddos. 

To say that she loved it would be an understatement.

She just sat and cried as she looked at it.

Jaxson eating lunch with two of his buddies, Sydney and Eli.

Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Johnson

I’m 30. . . Whoopie Doo!

So I turned 30 this week emoticon.   It didn’t feel like a big deal to me because I have felt like I’ve been in my 30’s for a while now.  Brad’s been in his 30’s for a few years and so have most of my friends that I am with on a regular basis.  So it didn’t feel like any major change to me.  For my 30th, Brad asked me what I wanted.  I told him that it would be so nice if he could take the day off of work.  He thought that was so nice that I would want to spend my 30th birthday with him.  Well, then I broke the news to him that I just wanted him to take the day off so that he could watch the kids so that Tanya and I could go out for lunch and go shopping emoticon.   And that we did.  Our intention was to go shopping for dresses to wear to our brother’s wedding in a month.  Well, as the typical moms that we are.  We came home with our husband’s and kid’s outfits for the wedding and nothing for us. 

My gift from my husband.

Fun In The Sun

Oh boy have we been having fun outside this week.  Prepare to be overwhelmed with pictures.

We got the pool out today for the first time.

Holden did not care for the pool.

Move over Jerry Kluver. . . here come the Cathcart gardeners.

Holden moved dirt around for 45 minutes.

Jaxson washed his jeep for an hour. . .

while Holden thought it was bath time outside.

And of course he had to wash his hair.

Jaxson likes to swing while having the sprinkler spray him.

Miah had a little too much fun this week when she jumped off of our swing set and broke her arm emoticon

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