“I Love Cookies”

Jaxson opened his own cookie restaurant today called "I Love Cookies."  We made chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, which he did most of, and he decided that he would be "the worker" and serve his cookies.  It was adorable.  When Holden got up from his nap, Jaxson insisted on serving him a cookie and some water.  Holden and I weren’t even allowed in the kitchen.  Jaxson then served me a cookie and I said, "Jaxson, aren’t you going to have a cookie?"  His response, "No, I’m the worker."  And he never did have a cookie.  Holden and I proceeded to eat our cookies while Jaxson cleaned up his kitchen, crumbs and all.  He even put up some decorations in the kitchen and has now made my fruit bowl a magazine holder that is the new centerpiece of our kitchen table.  emoticon  Holden was then giving us cues that he was done.  Jaxson came over to me and asked, "What’s his name?"  I started laughing and said, "Jaxson, you know what his name is." Jaxson said, "No, I’m the worker.  I don’t know his name."  I then told him that his name was Holden and Jaxson then helped Holden get cleaned up and down from his chair. 

The worker

The worker cleaning up his customer.

He’s pretending to be on the phone telling a customer how to get to his restaurant.  He said "First, you go straight,  then you turn, then you get on the fast road (the interstate).  Then you’re here." 


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Aunt Tanya
    May 27, 2011 @ 00:45:51

    LOL!!! What a cute story! You will have to save that one for his graduation!


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