Taste Of Hope 2011

Well, VBS has officially come to an end.  It was a great two weeks and we are already wondering what they are going to do next year.  Taste of Hope is the Jesus Party that the church has at the end of VBS to bring things to a close.  We started out with worship either indoors or outdoors (we chose to sit indoors) and the kids showed off some of the songs and dances that they learned. . . so cute.  Miah and Jaxson moved to the aisle to dance and of course Miah did all of the dancing and Jaxson just sat and watched everything.  After service we enjoyed grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and a lot of other goodies.  Then it was time to move outdoors where all of the bounce houses and other games were.  Once it got dark, we all enjoyed some fabulous fireworks.

Holden enjoyed the petting zoo with the goats, llamas, chickens and pigs.

Miah and Jaxson did the joust.  They had a lot of fun.  Of course Miah won and I think Jaxson liked being knocked off of the platform.

Jaxson jumping off

The playing half

The eating half

The adults had fun too.

Jaxson had fun playing baseball

2 cutie pitooties!!!

Holden with his girlfriend, Amisha 🙂

Holden wasn’t too fond of the fireworks.  This was the only way he would watch them without screaming.


It’s Too Darn Hot!

Ugh. . . I don’t know about you, but I’m done with this heat!  I can’t even walk out to get the mail without working up a sweat.  So needless to say, we have pretty much been stuck indoors.  Jaxson did start swimming lessons this week, so at least he is getting to play in the pool for a while to beat the heat, while Holden and I sweat it out watching him.  Jaxson and I are also doing VBS again this week in the evenings.  He is having fun again of course and I am having  a blast as a shepherd (teacher).  I am with one of the 5th grade groups and we average around 20 kids/night.  Yes, there are other shepherds with me.  Tomorrow night is our last night and then Taste of Hope on Saturday night, which is always a blast!  Other than that, I am just starting to put together Jaxson’s 5th Birthday parties and the block party coming up.  August is always a big party month for us. . . and hopefully it’s going to be a cooler month 🙂

A little pool party at the Hoffman’s helps us stay cool.

No, Holden is not bleeding.  He is enjoying a red icee that was quite messy.

Where’s Holden?

There he is!

We’ve been reading a lot more being stuck inside.

Jaxson just being goofy

Holden thinks he’s going to help me make 8 quiche lorraines.

Wild For Jesus – Week 1

Jaxson had VBS this past week and had a blast.  The theme this year was Wild For Jesus, a jungle theme.  Every morning I dropped Miah and Jaxson off at their rooms, took Holdie to the nursery and I then went and opened the First Aid Station.  This was my first year volunteering and I LOVED it!!  When they say that the volunteers have more fun than the kids, it’s not a lie.  This week we had 1,700 kids. . . and that is only the first of three sessions.  I had fun in the First Aid Station taking care of a lot of stomach aches, headaches, scrapes, fevers, and removed one tick.  I’m glad the First Aid Station is right in the middle of everything going on, otherwise it would have been pretty boring.  When I wasn’t taking care of sick kiddos, I would go into the Worship Center and listen to the awesome music, skits, and lessons that were going on.  It looked like so much fun being a teacher, or what they call a shepherd, so I signed up to be one next week during the evening session and Jaxson wants to do VBS again, so he will go in the evening also. Holden really enjoys the nursery now. On the last day, one of the gals was rocking with him in a chair and she was really hoping that I would forget to come get him because she really wanted to take him home. 🙂 Fat chance of that happening!

Excited for their first day of VBS

Holden’s Favorites At 18 Months

My baby is getting big and I don’t like it!!  I would love for him to stay at this age for a very long time.  He is so sweet and precious and I’m worried he won’t be so much once he hits the ages of two and three 😦 

Holden had his 18 month check up last week and passed with flying colors.  He now weighs 25 lbs 7 oz (45%) and is 32 3/4 in. tall (60%).  This is the first time that he has been above 50% in anything! 

Holden’s Favorites:

Lovie:  burp rag and sock monkey

Food:  corn, oreos, pasta, pizza, apples and pretty much all fruit

Drink: milk, V8 juice, and ice water

Toy: ball, Super Why computer

Word: ball, yeah, mama

Thing to do with Daddy: play outside

Thing to do with Mommy: help in the kitchen

Thing to do with Jaxson: play boxing, dance

TV show: Super Why

Activity: play outside, color, ride bikes

Helping me make pancakes.

Playing with Daddy

Trying to suck on his toe.

Yum. . . watermelon

Fun With Friends

Last Thursday, we met my long time friend, Erika Holmes (Leerberg), and her three children and her parents for lunch and a play date at the zoo.  They live in Austin, TX and are visiting family and friends in Iowa for a couple weeks.  With her three kiddos and my two, we weren’t able to catch up as much as we would have liked, but we are always able to pick up right where we left off.  Jaxson and Barrett are only two months apart and they had a blast playing together and it seems like they were able to pick up right where they left off too.  I think they are going to be good buddies just like his mom and me 🙂

Erika and me at the zoo.  We wanted a nice picture of the two of us, which we got, but we also like the elephant’s butt in the background . . . oops 🙂

Barrett, Jaxson, and Evie

They are standing in a rather large egg.

The whole crew.

New Landscaping

After years and years of wanting new landscaping. . . it is finally DONE!!!!  We usually do all of our landscaping ourselves, but the backyard and the walkway to our backyard was way more than what we could handle, so we broke down and hired it out.  We are very pleased with how it turned out.  The area in the backyard is still a work in progress at this time.  The landscaping is all done, but now I need to make a visit to a nursery to get a ton of flowers to fill it in, so I will post pictures of that when it is all done.  For now I will show our new walkway.

This was before.  We have tried to get grass to grow here several times, but it never works because it hardly gets any sun.  When it rains, it turns into a muddy pathway.

This is our new walkway.  It took me a little time to get used to, but I think I like it.  We’ll see how it holds up in the rain.


Jaxson and I went and watched WDM fireworks with Matt, Ann and the girls on Monday night.  Jaxson and Miah had fun doing sparklers beforehand and rolling themselves and each other down the hill during the fireworks.

Our little sparkler.

Jaxson rolling Miah down the hill 🙂

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