2011 Block Party

We had our block party this past weekend and we had absolutely gorgeous weather.  It couldn’t have been any nicer.  Brad and I were host and hostess again this year.  We had a pretty good turnout.  It’s hard to say how many people came because a lot of people came and went, but I’m guessing we probably had around 40. We closed the street down and the kids had a blast riding their bikes and just running wild in the street.  There was also face painting, jump houses, sparklers and some pretty awesome food.  I’m already getting bigger and better ideas for next year.

Jaxson getting his face painted.

Spiderman even made an appearance at our block party

Miah, Jack and Jaxson enjoying the treats that I made.

Holden and Daddy enjoying some yummy dessert.

The party

Holden preferred to eat the grass rather than all of the goodies.

My little punkie 🙂

Miah went a little crazy with the glow sticks.


Fun With Neighbors

The Case Haubs hosted an end of summer/back to school party last week complete with a pinata.  The kids had fun running around, eating, and wacking at the pinata. 

Jaxson taking his turn at the pinata.

The frantic scurry for candy.

Give these babies a few suckers and they’ll sit still for a picture.

We also went to the zoo last week with Crystal and Peyton. 

Jaxson and Riley had their first sleepover at our house last week. 

Jaxson’s Favorites at 5

These are his answers. . .

Favorite food:  Mac N Cheese, rice casserole, pizza

Favorite treat: any candy, ice cream, popsicles

Favorite toy:  Batman’s Batcave

Favorite activity with Mommy:  play outside

Favorite activity with Daddy:  play boxing

Favorite activity with Holden:  make him laugh and see his belly

Favorite game:  Lightening McQueen racing game on the Wii

Favorite friend(s):  Miah, Riley, Jack

Favorite place to go:  Raccoon River Park

Favorite book:  Spiderman, Batman, and Superman

Favorite color:  red and blue

Favorite thing to do outside:  play skateboard

Favorite thing to do inside: play Power Rangers and Army guys


Wow, August sure is a busy month for birthdays with our family and friends!  On Friday night we celebrated Jaxson’s friend Riley’s birthday.  They had a big BBQ at his house with all of his family and neighbors.  It was a great time, but unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures.  Our birthdaypalooza weekend continued on Saturday when we celebrated my niece, Alexandria’s, 1st birthday.  Heath and Tanya had a very nice party for her at their house.  It was fun watching her dig into her cake. . . she really liked it 🙂  After Alexandria’s party we headed home and across the street to Amisha’s 3rd birthday party.  Then on Sunday we had Jaxson’s family party at our house.  It ended up being a gorgeous day for a backyard BBQ.  Jaxson had a great time with his cousins and all of his family.  I want to thank our family for helping me out a bunch on Sunday!  I was not feeling well at all, but they sure helped me get stuff ready and everything cleaned up.  Here’s a ton of pictures from our birthdaypalooza weekend. . .

Alexandria was being very dainty with her cake.

Tanya and the birthday girl

Alexandria got a growth chart

Holden was being lovey with Nana

Papa Choo Choo played basketball with the boys

Holden getting a little assistance with a slam dunk

4 generations

Amisha playing with the tea set that we got her

My future daughter-in-law 🙂

Jaxson and Riley have the same birthday.  Riley is 3 hours older.  I asked Jaxson what he wanted to do special for breakfast on his birthday and he said "Doughnuts!"  So we all went to Krispy Kreme.

He was pumped to get a pair of jeans with a belt.  He has wanted a belt for a long time now.  He thinks they are pretty cool.

This is a random one of Holden.  He was tired of listening to a Menards commercial.

He was giving himself a yogurt body scrub.

Nana Pam and Papa Mike surprised Jaxson by bringing his cousin Connor to his birthday party. They had a blast together.

Passing time ’til the food is done.

Mom, Aunt Wendy and Grandma

The kid table

Brandon, Heath, Dad, and Jess

Mindy, Andy and Brad

Steve and Kris

Oh boy, Jaxson got a skateboard from Uncle Brandon and Aunt Jess

Trying out the new skateboard.  He has been riding it up and down the sidewalk on his stomach 🙂

Jaxson with his batman cake

Holden enjoying the cake

Happy Birthday Jaxson!!!

Jaxson turned 5 last Friday!!!  I can not believe it!  He is growing up right before our eyes.  He is turning into such a wonderful little man.  He makes us laugh everyday. .  .and pull our hair out too.  He is becoming so independent, which we love.  He gets himself ready in the morning with dressing, brushing his teeth, etc.  He occasionally makes his own breakfast (that’s if he’s in the mood to do it himself or not).  He is also a great big brother to Holden, always watching out for him and wanting to teach him new things.  Jaxson, we are so proud of the person that you are becoming and we look forward to seeing the changes that happen this next year. 

Jaxson had his 5 year check up today and it went very well.  He weighs 49.4 lbs (91%) and is 46 1/2 in. tall (99%).  Our pediatrician reminded us that just because he’s as big as a 2nd grader, we shouldn’t expect him to act like one 🙂  At his appointment we also found out that both boys have hand, foot, and mouth disease.  It’s just a virus; however, we were at four birthday parties in the last three days and all I could think of was all of the people they came into contact with.  We sure hope none of the other kiddos contract it, especially since a lot of them have their first day of school this week.


We went to Adventureland today with Matt, Ann, Miah, and Amisha.  The day started off dreary with rain and a cold wind, but the rain cleared and the winds stopped when we got done with our first ride 🙂  The kids had a blast going from ride to ride.  Later in the afternoon we made our way to the waterpark.  We had a blast going down the waterslides and watching the kids play.  After the waterpark we went and rode on more rides.  We first stopped at the Outlaw roller coaster.  Jaxson really wanted to go on it, so I took him.  As I was laughing and screaming the whole ride, Jaxson was saying, "Yeah baby, this is awesome!"  He loved it so much that he went three times.  It was a very fun and exhausting day.  We were glad to get home to Holden, who stayed at home with Nana Kris all day.  They had fun playing and going to Homemakers.  Thank you Kris for spending your day with Holdie so that we could have some QT with Jaxson.

On the ferris wheel

Amisha and Jaxson

Taking a snack break

Matt and Ann waiting for the Space Shot to blastoff.  They are CRAZY!!

Everybody on the bumper cars

On the Raging River.  We went two times and both times we got SOAKED!!

Jaxson with his huge popsicle

Brad and Jaxson in the very front of the Outlaw.  Ann is behind Brad with her arms up. Miah is in there somewhere hiding.

Birthday Party At The Bowling Alley

We had Jaxson’s birthday party with his friends last night at the bowling alley in Waukee.  He had seven friends that came and they had a great time.  They had a blast bowling and so did the adults.  Holden LOVED the bowling alley.  He wanted to bowl so badly.  A few times we caught him trying to sneak a ball and walking towards the lane.  We finally figured out how to let him bowl towards the end.  After bowling for an hour, we then moved the party to the party room.  We enjoyed pizza, cupcakes, and of course presents. 

The birthday party crew


Holden’s turn to bowl

Miah bowling

Riley and Brad

Riley and Lincoln (Jaxson’s buddy from daycare)

Pizza time

Jaxson was a little excited about his gifts 🙂

This was earlier in the day.  Jaxson helped make his birthday oreo cupcakes.

The final yummy product

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