Our Trip To Rochester – Day 1

Jaxson, Holden and I took off for Rochester on Wednesday morning to go see Jill, Julia and Haune (his name is Eric but everyone calls him Haune).  The boys tolerated the four hour drive quite well.  I got a little nervous after Jaxson asked if we were almost there when we got right north of Ankeny and Holden said that he was "da do" or "all done" at Ames.  Once we got to Jill’s, she had lunch waiting for us.  We chatted for a little bit then started our several stops around Rochester.  We took the kiddos to the pool, which was a lot of fun and it completely wiped them out.  Once Haune got home from work he instantly had a shadow by the name of Jaxson.  Haune loves to play silly games and has enough energy to take on Jaxson, so he obviously became Jaxson’s best friend.  That evening for supper and all of our meals thereafter, we got to enjoy some sweet corn from Gene’s field, which is always the best!  Thank you Gene and Sue for all of the wonderful corn!!!  We spent the rest of the evening watching the kids play and talking.

Holden enjoying some sweet corn.

Julia’s first taste of sweet corn.

Two cute babies in the bath

Haune and Jaxson playing cars

Haune and Jaxson building a "tent."

Inside the tent

testing out the strength of the tent.


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