Rochester – Days 2&3

On Thursday, we went to Oxbow, which is a local nature reserve/zoo that has animals native to Minnesota.  It was a beautiful place and it was fun seeing different animals that the Blank Park Zoo doesn’t have, like a bear, coyotes, wolves, owls, a badger, buffalo, etc.  The kids loved it too.  That afternoon, we went to a local lake and park to feed the geese.  Which was fun but we ended up having to run to the van as they started chasing us šŸ™‚  We then went to another local park that was quite big.  By this time the kids were getting pretty hot and tired. . . and the mommies too.  That evening, we went to Thursdays on First, which was like something I compare to the downtown DM Farmer’s Market.  It was really neat because it’s held right outside the Mayo Clinic, so we had to walk through the Mayo Clinic to get to it.  Being fascinated with medicine, of course I loved seeing the Mayo Clinic and I think Jaxson did too as I told him "this is a huge medical clinic."  He looked up with his eyes wide and his jaw on the ground and said "Holy  *@#$!" Not a mother’s proudest moment, but I couldn’t help but have a big laugh about it later.  That evening Haune took Jaxson for another bike ride. He made sure that Jaxson was good and tired. Friday morning, we got up and ready and went to story time at a local toy store. It was then home for lunch and to pack the van. We had a better ride home since the boys slept until we got to Mason City. We had a fabulous time with Jill and her family. Thanks for the great hospitality Hauans!

A couple of cutie pitooties.  They are only 4 months apart.

The whole group at Oxbow.

I think the badger was my favorite.

Julia loves the owls.

bald eagles

These two turkeys loved the turkeys.

Jaxson was having a conversation with this goat.

The geese chasing us.

Swinging at the big park.

my climber

doing the zip line

Jaxson helping Jill shuck the corn.  He was actually very good at it.

Who knew Buzz Lightyear would come to Thursdays on First?

This is how Jaxson got around.

This is how the babies got around.

Outside Mayo Clinic with the two Mayo brothers.

Also outside the Mayo Clinic.


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  1. Brandy
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 17:53:32

    That sounds like so much fun! Looks like a great trip!!


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